• My quick Android speed comparison between the Desire, Galaxy S, N1, Milestone and x10

    Here's what I did. I have a laptop with a Linux VM which has Apache. I set it up to serve a local version of howardforums.com. This local version does not call anything from outside websites (so no ads, special cookies etc). Next I connected my laptop to my Apple Airport Express which isn't connected to the internet. Then I connected all 5 of these phones to the Airport.

    I got all 5 phones to refresh the local howardforums forum homepage and timed them (notice they're loading - a private IP address). I ran this test a few times and averaged the results. In the video I just show 2 runs.

    About the phones: The Nexus One is running FroYo (2.2) which should be the fastest since the FroYo has a very optimized web browser. The Desire (a TELUS variant which might not be running final software), Samsung Galaxy S and Motorola Milestone are all running eclair (2.1) while the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10a is running 1.6 (2.1 update isn't coming till Q4 2010).

    The Nexus One, Desire and x10a are all running 1Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon processors. The Milestone is running a 600Mhz Coretex A8 while the Galaxy S has a 1Ghz Coretex A8 (or a variant of it).


    I'm a little surprised that the Milestone was as slow as it was though looking at the speed difference (600Mhz vs 1Ghz) it's to be expected I guess. That said all these phones feel pretty fast (Milestone included).

    While the Nexus One with 2.2 was the fastest the times for the four 1Ghz phones were so close I doubt anyone would notice them in real life (unless they constantly use all 4 side by side).

    Assuming the Desire and Galaxy S are good representations of their respective processors it would seem the Snapdragon is a tiny bit faster at drawing webpages. It also seems than Android 2.2 is faster than 2.1 which is faster than 1.6.

    I was actually expecting the Galaxy S to be slightly faster than the Desire but the tests proved otherwise.

    Tomorrow I'll post a video comparing the Desire's Super LCD display with a Super AMOLED display regular AMOLED display and a non super LCD display.
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    1. belayson's Avatar
      belayson -
      can't wait for the display comparison tomorrow!
      On a side note, could you check if the multi-touch on the desire has been upgraded to equal that of the galaxy s or milestone for instance?
    1. Baldilocks's Avatar
      Baldilocks -
      The Galaxy S is going to be super, super fast with a 2.2 upgrade. I see it easily outpacing any CURRENT Android phone on the market.
    1. ccrows's Avatar
      ccrows -
      Thanks for the comparison Howard...
    1. GLHTC16V's Avatar
      GLHTC16V -
      Looking forward to the display comparison tomorrow to see how well the S-LCD performs. The Telus HTC Desire is squarely in my targeting sights as my next Android device.
    1. ii Candor ii's Avatar
      ii Candor ii -
      That was a lot of work for a speed test. Interesting comparison -- thanks
    1. Supa_Fly's Avatar
      Supa_Fly -
      That looks like a really shoddy web-browser experience across ALL those many devices; many of which have the same OS version of Android and all have equal hardware. X10 really is the egg-head on the page loading a mobile version or something similar.
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