• Our Alcatel OneTouch Idol 2 S review

    Hereís the Alcatel OneTouch Idol 2 S. Yes, the name of this phone weighs in at an impressive 9 syllables which is more than the Samsung Galaxy S 5 which has a measly 7.

    Seriously though, the Idol 2 S has a 1280x720 display with a quad-core Snapdragon 400 processor, 1GB of RAM and LTE. Yup, itís a Motorola Moto G competitor.

    However, at $299.99 off contract as a Bell exclusive, the 2 S actually costs $50 more than the Moto G LTE on Rogers. So what do you get for your extra $50?
    What about the Motorola Moto G?

    As I already mentioned, without a doubt, the Alcatel OneTouch has the Motorola Moto G LTE in its cross hairs.

    If you put them next to each other and cover the brands on them, I think 10 times out of 10, people would pick the 2 S. The 5Ē screen feels a lot bigger plus the 2 S is just so much sleeker.

    The 2 S just looks and feels like a much more special and expensive phone.

    They both have the same Snapdragon 400 SoC so there both have similar performance.

    The Moto G has a 2070mAh battery which is about the right size for itís screen size and specs. The 2 S has a 5Ē screen. If you do that math, the 2 Sís screen is around 25% bigger plus itís brighter yet the battery is only about 5% bigger. If youíre a power user, youíll have trouble making it through the day with the 2 S.

    The Moto G also has the Android freshness edge. Itís currently up to Android 4.4 while the 2 S is on 4.3 though Iíve been told that 4.4 will come to the 2 S will come in the next 3 months. For what itís worth, the Alcatel OneTouch Idol X came out earlier this year with 4.2 and as Iím writing this, it just received an update but is still on 4.2

    The 2 S has a 8 megapixel camera compared to the Moto Gís 5 megapixel. The 2 Sís captures a wider angle but overall, neither camera has a big advantage over the other. The 2 Sís is a little more noisy but it does capture more detail. The Gís is a little cleaner with better white balance.

    However, where the 2 devices really differ is in the audio department. The 2 S has a terrible equalization thatís baked into the device. Basically it takes music and totally screws it up. Itís not that the Moto G is the greatest music player ever, itís just that the 2 S is one of the worst ever.

    The 2 S also has fairly quiet speaker and earpiece too.

    While the Idol 2 S makes a much better first impression - it has some significant flaws which make the more well-rounded Moto G LTE a better choice.
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    1. spdracer5g's Avatar
      spdracer5g -
      In like Flynn
    1. Nagrom.Jack's Avatar
      Nagrom.Jack -
      Sound? How 'bout through Bluetooth?
    1. audit13's Avatar
      audit13 -
      Picked up the phone today and upgraded it to KK. Seemed slightly slower on KK than JB but it could just be my imagination.
    1. CGY Guy's Avatar
      CGY Guy -
      If you're not in to loading apps too deep, do a factory reset. It may help clear the junk from the cache.
    1. audit13's Avatar
      audit13 -
      I tested the phone right after it finished the setup and never thought to wipe the cache or do a reset.

      I would prefer a custom ROM but it seems root is about as custom as I could find. Doesn't matter too much since I won't be using the phone myself.
    1. CGY Guy's Avatar
      CGY Guy -
      Root isn't a ROM. It's a way for special apps to gain higher permissions than they would normally have. A superuser app is also required to utilize root for those apps. To load a new ROM, you also have to unlock the bootloader.

      Note that doing either will void your warranty.
    1. audit13's Avatar
      audit13 -
      The Alcatel has a locked bootloader? I didn't know that.

      I only mentioned root because that seems to be the extent of any discussion on other forums about this phone. Apparently, there is a working version of CWM for the European model of the phone (6050Y) but no working custom ROMs.
    1. CGY Guy's Avatar
      CGY Guy -
      Most devices have locked bootloaders. It's a security risk to leave it unlocked.

      Don't play with the Euro stuff, as they have different radio bands, and you can make the device useless here.
    1. audit13's Avatar
      audit13 -
      I have no intentions of doing anything to the phone except maybe getting root access. The problem with root is the possible loss of OTA updates.

      The only phones with locked bootloaders that I have used are on the Sony and Motorola.