• We're giving away a OnePlus One!

    Who needs an invite? We're giving away a 64GB OnePlus One! If you don't know what the OnePlus One is make sure you check out my review.

    To enter you can leave a comment on this post, like us on Facebook and like the link this post that appears on our Facebook page, or follow us on Twitter @howardforums and tweet a link to this post with #HoFoOnePlusOne

    Any one will give you an entry, two or all three will give you that many chances to win.

    Contest Rules and Terms: Contest is open to U.S. and Canada users who do not reside in Quebec. If a Canadian wins they must answer the skill testing question: What mobile OS does the OnePlus One run on? U.S. winner will be responsible for all taxes and customs. Carrier compatibility not guaranteed. Odds of winning depend on number of entries received. Only one entry per method described above allowed. Contest not open to HowardForums staff and their families. Rules and Terms and contest details can be modified at our discretion at any time and without prior notification.

    Contest ends on Friday August 29th at 9:00 PM Pacific and the winner will be chosen randomly within three days afterward. If the winner does not respond to us within 24 hours of being contacted, a new winner will be chosen.
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    Comments 257 Comments
    1. overdrive31's Avatar
      overdrive31 -
      First! I'm in!
    1. Indexx's Avatar
      Indexx -
      Nice giveaway
    1. cptcarter's Avatar
      cptcarter -
      Another contest? I LOVE Howard Forums!!
    1. pazoo2k's Avatar
      pazoo2k -
      I could use this.
    1. Jairzinho's Avatar
      Jairzinho -
      I'm in. Please..please...please....
    1. DuckyVader's Avatar
      DuckyVader -
      Silence! Me.
    1. aml1025's Avatar
      aml1025 -
      Always up for a chance at a giveaway! Thanks!
    1. Chasiu's Avatar
      Chasiu -
      I'm in! Good luck to all!
    1. fruvous's Avatar
      fruvous -
    1. ceredon's Avatar
      ceredon -
      Im in. All you have to do is pick me.
    1. boblazaar's Avatar
      boblazaar -
      Me! I need a new toy!
    1. Felchy's Avatar
      Felchy -
      Fantastic contest! Hope I get lucky.
    1. lorenzo1000's Avatar
      lorenzo1000 -
      Ooooh now this would be nice to win. :-)
    1. notgniddew's Avatar
      notgniddew -
      Been using a Nexus 4 for going on 2 years so it would be nice to win this phone heck I would buy it if I had the opportunity
    1. dustin.thorley's Avatar
      dustin.thorley -
      I would love to win one.
    1. denli21's Avatar
      denli21 -
      Time to upgrade my S2
    1. trickster_qc's Avatar
      trickster_qc -
      the contest not being open to Quebec resident just sucks.

      It really does. I know there are some laws and restriction that makes it a bit harder for you guys to make it open to QC residents, but still.

      Go the extra mile in order to offer it to 1/5 of the Canadian population.

      And 1/5 of Canadian wireless users.
    1. Nucleartx's Avatar
      Nucleartx -
      Great Phone!!!
    1. drlcpt's Avatar
      drlcpt -
      I would love to win one :-)

      via the HoFo App
    1. markol's Avatar
      markol -
      Woot!! So excited for this!
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