• TELUS HTC Desire Super LCD vs Super AMOLED

    The upcoming HTC Desire on TELUS has a Sony Super LCD display instead of the European variant's AMOLED. I was intrigued as to how good it is really is so I compared the Desire with a Nexus One (AMOLED), Milestone (LCD) and a Samsung Wave (Super AMOLED I didn't have a Galaxy S with me).

    I did test for screen response time but frankly, to my eyes they were all fast enough that I couldn't tell if one was faster than the other - so I didn't include them in the video.

    Instead I tested viewing angle and contrast. To test them I downloaded a test dvd from TBlink.com, and then converted the dvd to mp4 files using Handbrake. I used the response time (didn't post the results - nothing interesting to see), and contrast test (posted that one). To test viewing angle I held the phones at an angle.

    To save you some reading I thought all the displays were really good, they all had decent colour and respectable viewing angles. The super AMOLED was noticeably less reflective than the others and was blacker with the best viewing angles. Super LCD had similar detail in the rock face video and had a superior horizontal viewing angle compared to a regular AMOLED display. The AMOLED had slightly better blacks (you can't tell from the video - sorry) and slightly better vertical viewing angles. Both Super LCD and AMOLED were very reflective.

    All were superior to the Milestone's display - that said I still think the Milestone has a pretty nice display.

    One thing I didn't point out in the video is that the Super AMOLED display looks thinner in that the regular AMOLED and LCD displays all felt further back, like you were looking at them through a thicker piece of glass. It's not something that bothered me at all but it was an interesting observation.
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    1. DerekToronto's Avatar
      DerekToronto -
      Hi, Howard. I find your comparison review to be utmost useful. Thanks a million for doing it. It answers alot of my questions.

      Since you have the phones and when you have time..can you do the sunlight test?

      edited/added: I have the Galaxy S i9000 and I find under the sun to be quite good...better than N97 mini screen. How's the Super LCD?

      Thanks Again!
    1. digitalsmoke's Avatar
      digitalsmoke -
      Please test the touch sensor as well to see if they swapped the Clearpad 2000 out as well. Thank you.
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