• My Sony Ericsson x10 mini review

    First off the x10 Mini fits nicely in my hand. While it's small it doesn't hurt to use it or anything like that. The display is 2.6" with a resolution of 240x320. The pixel pitch is a little higher than what I'm now used to. If you regularly switch from higher resolution devices you'll really notice the x10 Mini's huge pixels, if you don't switch you'll get used to them.

    The display does not support multi touch and supposedly never will. I think multi touch would be useful even on such a small screen - shame.

    Text entry is accomplished by an on screen T9 keyboard. Personally even though I haven't used a T9 phone much lately I'm still used to it. It's like riding a bike. That said if you don't like T9 stop reading this review now and look for a different phone.

    The back covers are removable. In the box you get a black cover along with lime and pink ones.

    There are 4 different home screens which support widgets.

    You can tell the Sony Ericsson expects a lot of people who aren't really looking for a Smartphone to buy the x10a because they include a widget that turns off data via the network. It's a good move on their part since it will be harder to consume the same amount of data with the x10 mini when compared to a full sized Android device.

    On the home screen each corner has an program icon. It's a great idea which makes perfect sense. You can customize the icons easy.

    Even though the x10 mini is small the menu is pretty fluid and the phone never feels particularly slow. It's powered by a 528Mhz processor which was the norm a year ago. So while it's not a powerhouse like the now common 1Ghz powered Android phones it's definitely adequate given the form factor.

    The camera has a resolution of 5 megapixels and it records video at 640x480. There aren't a lot of options for the camera (for example I can't figure out how to adjust the video resolution) but to be honest you get enough options including automatic flash - that feature isn't present on the full sized x10. Picture and video quality are both better than I was expecting (I was expecting them to be terrible). Resolution wise the pictures are a little soft but the colour is acceptable. Video quality is also okay but the x10 mini does drop the occasional frame.

    Social media wise you get a cut down version of Timescape. On the x10 I thought Timescape was one of it's best features. On the mini you lose email support which is a bit of a downer.

    Sound quality was a little on the rough side but it's acceptable. RF performance is similar to the x10 (which was average). I was surprised by this since I thought the small size would have an effect on the RF performance.

    Battery life is not good. You won't be able to make it through the day unless you use it as a voice only device.

    Overall, I knew the x10 Mini wasn't going to be a compromise compared with a full sized Android device. Still, despite the size the x10 mini is a surprisingly easy to use device. If you're not a power user and don't want a huge phone you should give the x10 mini a try.
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    1. Moe3754's Avatar
      Moe3754 -
      I have had my Mini now for about four days and find it a really good phone, I like it much more than the N1 I had and find it very easy to use, voice quality is much better than any of the Nokia's I have owned and the touch screen is great. I am not one that needs a super computer in my pocket or feel the need to say my phone is better than yours so with that in mind the X10a mini is the right phone for me!!!!
    1. Rogido's Avatar
      Rogido -
      Too bad it's not a 3" screen, with a virtual QWERTY.
    1. RadioRaiders's Avatar
      RadioRaiders -
      The x10 pro has a physical QWERTZ keypad
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