• Getting Started with ZenBanx

    I can only guess that a bunch of you clicked on the referral link at the end of my post about ZenBanx the other day, as my invite code showed up in my inbox just after dinner last night... Thanks for that!

    Today I'm going to walk you through the process of setting up a ZenBanx account—that is, everything short of connecting it to your existing bank of choice. Though technically not a bank proper (hence the word "banx" in the name) you are, for all intensive purposes, setting up an account with the DUCA Credit Union of Ontario. And you're doing so entirely on your phone.

    I think that's pretty cool.

    So, once you've downloaded the ZenBanx app from Google Play (as I did on my OnePlus One) or iTMS, fire it up and enter your invitation code. I'll once again take this opportunity to provide my referral link in case you wanted an invite of your own: just click here, please and thanks.

    Here's what you'll need to apply for an account. Seems in line with any other banking product that I've ever applied for...

    The standard legalese... I had a copy emailed to me and put it on pastebin if you wanted to have a read.

    If you didn't know about this, the Canadian government is now compelling banks in this country to share information about their customers with the IRS in the States. Constitutional lawyers see it as a violation of our Charter Rights, but for now ZenBanx has no choice but to comply.

    It was interesting to note that the Android app requested my location only at the point where I was about to capture and upload documents pertaining to my ID. In a world where apps routinely rob you of your address book from the moment they're downloaded, this seems reasonable enough.

    In addition to one of the above you'll also be asked for a credit card number, because Photoshop, I guess. If, like me, you were wondering what JUMIO was, here's a link.

    In the same way that you can deposit a cheque by uploading a photo of its front and back, so too can you provide your ID to ZenBanx. Lining up at the branch of your local bank? You're doing it wrong.

    Your ZenBanx account will be locked with a PIN. For additional security you'll be asked to provide answers to three questions—two from this list and a third of your own. Wonder if ZenBanx for iOS will support Touch ID?

    And we're done! Well, almost.

    I would think that in order to get my ZenBanx-powered debit card I'd have to provide some additional info via a desktop web browser at some point. But it bodes well for the service that I was able to get this far using only my Android phone.

    More to come once my account is up and running...

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    1. GSG1's Avatar
      GSG1 -
      Hi and thanks for such a great re-cap of the set-up process!
      Did you ever use the app after your account was activated? I wanted to see if the rates are actually good...theres all this talk of the exchange rates being "secret", can you provide a screen shot of a current rate quote for CAD to USD?
      Thanks for the info!