• Ridiculous Android Form Factors

    Perhaps in anticipation of the BlackBerry Venice, the rumoured Android-powered vertical qwerty slider coming later this year, Android Authority has published their collection of the "most unconventional Android devices of all time".

    The 2010 Moto FlipOut pictured here didn't even make the list (it got an honourable mention), but there are plenty of other quirky hardware designs that did.

    And here they are:

    Personally, I'm thrilled that there are current Android devices on this list; it's a sign that hardware innovation isn't dead, and we're not yet doomed to near-identical slabs of mostly screen. Oh, and a vertical-sliding Android qwerty? I'd be all over thatówith an unlockable bootloader, of course...

    Source: Most unconventional Android devices of all time

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    1. SnowyWhite's Avatar
      SnowyWhite -
      Haha I have a few of those in my museum of phones.

      And my Mentor has a lot of them in his Great Collective.

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    1. NotABiot's Avatar
      NotABiot -
      Disappointed that the new Blackberry is not a horizontal slider. My fingers ache at the memory of the too-tiny-to-use old Blackberry hardware keyboard, which was vertically oriented. If this keyboard is a lot bigger than that, I'd be very interesting.

      The horizontal slider was a pinnacle of cellphone design and utility. I've seen nothing work as well since these faded from the market.
    1. npaladin2000's Avatar
      npaladin2000 -
      I wouldn't mind seeing a new PlayStation phone, though it'd probably come from NVIDIA these days instead.
    1. barryspar's Avatar
      barryspar -
      Oh, for a horizontal slider! Motorola Backflip, Photon Q, Droid 3, Samsung Captivate Glide... Those were really nice.
    1. SnowyWhite's Avatar
      SnowyWhite -
      My very first Android was the G1 and loved that phone.
      The horizontal qwerty keyboard was so nice.
      I'd still use it if it wasn't slower than a dead turtle.
      It's not the phones fault but once you get used to faster and faster you just can't take the slowness of the older phones.

      At least I can't.

      That one gave me Android fever.

      I really loved my Moto Cliq too.

      Sent from my Wonderful LG Optimus L90