• Can we all just agree that the 2013 Nexus 5 was the best Nexus ever?

    After all the Pixel-related hoopla yesterday Android Police confirmed with Google that the Nexus brand is effectively dead. I think I've come to terms with it; Nexus hasn't really been the same since late 2013 anyway, when the Nexus 5—codenamed hammerhead—went on sale.

    The Nexus 5 finished what the Nexus 4 started, offering high-end specs at an affordable price. The final pieces to this puzzle that were added by the 5 include a full HD screen, LTE radio and optically-stabilized rear camera. Battery life wasn't spectacular, but this was offset somewhat by the convenience of inductive charging.

    And, of course, being a Nexus meant that hammerhead was a modder's dream. It was my first testbed for Xposed Modules, ran one of my all-time favourite custom ROMs, SlimKat, and was even compatible with MultiROM, allowing me to boot into Android, Sailfish and Ubuntu all on the same phone. Hammerhead continues to be useful to this day; it's currently the only device that can run Maru OS, transforming a humble smartphone into a fully-functioning Debian-powered desktop computer.

    You could go so far as to call The Nexus 5 the anti-iPhone. Where Apple's flagship was locked down and expensive, Google's alternative was open and affordable. It seems to have sold pretty well, too; I still see the occasional Nexus 5 when I'm out in the world. 2013 actually saw two Nexus successes: the second-gen Nexus 7 tablet was (and is) also pretty great.

    But Google saw things differently, it seems... They tried to kill Nexus in 2014 with Android Silver, and have finished the job in 2016 with Pixel. Like I said, I've come to terms with this. I firmly believe that the spiritual successor to what Nexus once was lives on in OnePlus, and here's proof: the current 64GB OnePlus 3 retails for the same $399 USD as the 2013 32GB Nexus 5 did.

    I'm hanging on to my bright-red hammerhead all the same; ditto for my Nexus 7 tablet.

    Inspiration: Android Police

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    1. jakeuten's Avatar
      jakeuten -
      Absolutely. I loved everything about my Nexus 5. What a dream to own.

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    1. Ipse's Avatar
      Ipse -
      Agreed. Last Nexus true to the idea behind this phone line.
    1. jakeuten's Avatar
      jakeuten -
      Quote Originally Posted by Ipse View Post
      Agreed. Last Nexus true to the idea behind this phone line.
      Well... not exactly.

      The HTC Nexus One launched at $529, the Nexus S launched at $550, and the Galaxy Nexus launched at $550. The only Nexus phones to launch relatively cheap at the time were the LG Nexus 4, 5 and 5X.

      We can't really hold expectations after 2 cheap hardware releases and 4 relatively normal priced hardware releases.
    1. Morphling27's Avatar
      Morphling27 -
      The Gnexus was dropped to a much more reasonable $350 - so it wasn't always as expensive. They then had the 4, 5, and 5X sold at very competitive prices compared to other equivalent phones.

      I agree - the initial couple Nexus devices were to lead the pack as I said in previous posts. It was to edge the OEMs to get serious. Samsung wasn't initially making top tier phones - HTC did obviously being the original preferred partner for Google.
    1. jimxx200's Avatar
      jimxx200 -
      Speaking of HTC, I just got my new HTC Desire 826 yesterday and wow, very impressed. Paid $149.99 no tax, free shipping, brand new in the sealed box. At 5.5", the screen is gorgeous, camera's IQ even better than my iphone 5S and HTC Eye. The fine detail when viewed at 100% is excellent. Taking it with me today/tomorrow on a photo shoot to our high Sierra's to capture fall colors. Looks like the HTC Eye is headed for a eBay sale since I prefer a 5.5" screen.
    1. MkVsTheWorld's Avatar
      MkVsTheWorld -
      I wouldn't be surprised to see both Pixels retailing for a third of the price on Amazon, eBay, etc. within a year (cough Nexus 6 cough). Not because there's anything wrong with the Pixels, but because people will have a tough time justifying paying for a stock Android phone at Apple pricing. The allure of the Nexus program has always been the cheaper price tag and openness (locked bootloader on Verizon). In addition, this lower price was also justifiable because of the things you lacked when compared against Apple as well as OEM/carrier enhancements. When Google shifted its pricing model with the Nexus 6 to premium carrier pricing, it didn't realize this. Don't get me wrong, I love stock Android and my Nexus 6. But, I suspect history will repeat itself again here.
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