• Wearable Wednesdays: My New Mission

    My new Nixon Mission, that is. I haven't actually received it yet, but it's technically a souvenir from my HoFo assignment (ie. vacation) in Osaka and Hong Kong. To explain how this came to be is a bit of a meandering tale, but I'll try to keep you with me for as long as I can.

    I've had the good fortune of visiting Japan twice in the last year, and both times the one thing that has seduced me even more than than the country's hot handsets is their watches—specifically, their Casio G-Shock watches. So it would only make sense that I'd also be interested in the one smartwatch that Casio makes, the Android Wear-powered WSD-F10.

    I know what you're thinking: "Wait a minute, I thought you played for Team Pebble... What gives?" I'll get to that.

    Anyway I came very close to buying that Casio. Japan Airlines gave me a coupon for Bic Camera that brought its price down to the equivalent of what I'd pay for it at Best Buy Canada. But the more I researched it the less impressed I was. It apparently uses a non-standard processor which could affect compatibility with software updates, and reviews of it on Amazon are decidedly mixed. So when I departed Osaka for Hong Kong I did so without a Casio WSD-F10 on my wrist.

    And then, by accident or fate, I happened to come across a Nixon Store in Kowloon, which had the three stock colour variants of the Mission on display. Like the Casio it runs Android Wear; unlike the Casio it has onboard GPS and no flat tire on its 400 x 400 pixel AMOLED screen. And in a way it's even more customizable than Pebble, with the caveat that you order online and pay a little more to get exactly what you want shipped to you. I chose a grey body with titanium brushed steel bezel, with a blue on black band. There are lots of other options available, but I chose what you see above and ordered it that very night from my hotel room.

    So what of Pebble? Well, I'm still a fan—in fact later today I'll be ordering a discounted Pebble Time Round for the girlfriend to try. But after walking the streets and malls of Hong Kong and being assaulted by luxury watches on all sides, the best I can say about Pebble's looks is... well, they have a geeky charm.

    And do I regret spending as much on a watch as I could have on an upgraded OnePlus 3T? Nope. My "regular" OnePlus 3 still works great; it's my watch that's due for an upgrade. Hopefully by this time next week I'll have received it and can tell you more!

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