• Wearable Wednesdays: Pebblers Can’t Catch a Break

    Though vague reassurances have been made that their smartwatches will continue to be supported through 2017, a lot of Pebblers have decided to move on. Some have chosen the path of least resistance—an Apple Watch or, in my case, Android Wear. Others are less willing to compromise on battery life, having enjoyed up to a week between charges on their Pebble. For them, the Vector seemed like a good fit—offering an astounding 30-day battery life and familiar monochrome display.

    Unfortunately, just as Vector was starting to gain traction as a Pebble replacement, Fitbit went out and bought them too.

    The story broke yesterday on TechCrunch:

    Vector has said there will be no new products bearing the Vector name, but that existing products will continue to work, as will the associated software, although it will no longer be developed. It’s released an extensive FAQ about what will happen next for customers.

    Their customer support team will continue to respond to customers via a Help Page and warranties will be honored.
    For Pebblers, this is an all-too-familiar refrain.

    You could interpret this acquisition as yet another sign of a forthcoming Fitbit smartwatch—The Verge reports that an app store is also in the works. But if ever such a product comes to market I doubt it will have much support from former Pebble users.

    Sources: TechCrunch via reddit, The Verge

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    1. dragon2knight's Avatar
      dragon2knight -
      Wow, Fitbit really sucks as a company, don't they? They have zero in house talent so they buy anyone they can to do....what? I would never buy anything from a company that so loves to rip off their idiotic customers...I'm simply not that stupid. Plenty of good Android Wear out there, guess that's the only real route left if you like choice and style. Fitbit can die the same painful death as the companies they acquired(and the customers they left hanging) as far as I care.
    1. acurrie's Avatar
      acurrie -
      Yup, and the worst part of it all is that 'Fitbit' as become as synonymous with fitness tracking as 'Kleenex' has to bathroom tissue. The only difference is, people actually use Kleenex!