• Québec is the New Hotbed for Wireless Competition in Canada

    This happy fellow is Bonhomme de neige, mascot for the Québec Winter Carnival. What's with the grin? Perhaps it's because the presence of a strong regional carrier is bringing better wireless deals to the province for everyone.

    A recent thread in the Vidéotron forum links to a double data promotion from that Québec-only carrier. And wouldn't you know it, Canada's Big Three have somehow managed to up their data buckets and/or lower their prices to match.

    Exhibit A: Mobile Syrup reported last week that Bell was offering BYOD customers a whopping 10 GB of data for a mere $25/month—plus a $40 or $45 province or nationwide calling plan, but still a much better deal than anything offered here in Ontario.

    Exhibit B: This week iPhone in Canada has news of a new promo from Koodo wherein customers can get No Tab plans with 6 GB of data for $49/month, or 8 GB for $56/month.

    The catch, of course, is that these offers are only officially available in Québec, though it looks like you can snag one of the Koodo plans using this handy guide. Hopefully Vidéotron can sustain such aggressive pricing; they are (I think) the last independent upstart carrier from the 2008 spectrum auction, but have yet to hit the million subscriber mark.

    Sources: iPhone in Canada, Mobile Syrup

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    1. rogue17's Avatar
      rogue17 -
      Videotron never really wanted BYOD. They took a very long time to finally offer it. When they finally did it was a couple of dollars more than the Big 3. Over the Holidays, I checked their site and they didn't have their BYOD prices listed. Only said it could be as much as 25% off. I did the math and the Koodoo $55 8GB plan smoked the Videotron 8GB plan which cost $66(that is if it had 25% off the $88 contract price).

      So Videotron probably saw the success koodoo and others had with the $55 8GB plan and finally gave in and came out swinging,
    1. Azure1203's Avatar
      Azure1203 -
      The heck of it is they only need to offer more data and a slightly better price and suddenly the competition is ON.
    1. fruvous's Avatar
      fruvous -
      SK is better for larger data buckets as I posted in this thread.

    1. Mr.Peppermint's Avatar
      Mr.Peppermint -
      Quebec is hardly "new"
      They have had cheaper rates since the last decade

      The only thing new about them is Koodo offering 8GB plans