• Pimp Your Droid with Google’s #myAndroid Taste Test

    Google has taken their fair share of lumps from yours truly as of late, what with faulty Pixels, freemium Hangouts and such. But this is something really cool. One of Android's main selling points over its closest rival is the ability to customize your home screen—not just with wallpapers but with custom icons and 3rd-party launchers as well. To get you started Google has a new site, the #myAndroid Taste Test.

    It takes less than a minute to complete, and consists of a series of binary choices—light or dark, vibrant or muted, animated or static, etc. Completing the test gives you a recommended wallpaper, icon pack, launcher, home screen widget and keyboard. As an example, here are the suggestions I got from taking the test just now:

    Google Wallpapers
    Revolution Icon Pack
    Smart Launcher 3
    News & Weather Widget

    Okay, so three out of the five recommendations are for Google-made products, but it could have been worse... Another way to get inspiration is by looking at the recommendations from others. #myAndroid isn't exactly trending on Twitter, but over on r/Android redditors are currently discussing the merits of Evie Launcher, and I'm pretty sure that the #myAndroid Taste Test had something to do with that.

    If you're tired of your home screen and want to try something new, Google's taste test is a decent place to get started.

    Sources: Android via XDA Developers

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