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    Despite the photo—here's more on the subject if you're interested—there are no late-breaking April Fool's Day jokes here... just three predictions from a Business Insider piece on the inevitable post-smartphone world. As beloved as our connected pocket computers may be, it shouldn't be too much of a stretch to imagine a future where they're as clunky and cumbersome to the user as a mainframe computer would be in a home office today.

    Short Term

    Digital assistants will likely end up usurping the app as the primary means for human-to-machine communication—web searches, map directions, that kind of thing. If you think about it, funneling such interactions into a single channel makes a lot more sense than searching for relevant information across disparate apps.

    My problem with digital assistants is that you must interact with them by voice; that's fine for your home or car, but I'm not especially jazzed about living in a world where everyone is walking around mumbling into an earpiece like in the movie Her.

    Medium Term

    I could instantly see the power of augmented reality when I first tried an AR app on my Symbian-powered phone in 2010. The problem is that no one wants to walk around having to hold their phone of front of their face to better understand the world around them. I was pretty excited about Google Glass until I actually came face to face with someone wearing it—there are obvious privacy concerns when you're wearing a camera on your face.

    I think the Snap Spectacles have addressed that problem well with their rather obvious recording light. Wouldn't it be great if the lenses on those things could also project AR data to the person wearing them?

    Someone, somewhere is going to figure this out; when they do I see no reason why augmented reality glasses couldn't supplant the smartphone as we know it today.

    Long Term

    Elon Musk has already co-founded a company with the eventual goal of attaching a networked computer directly to your brain. As inconceivable as this may sound today, Musk believes that the development of this technology is imperative to keep humanity competitive in the age of true artificial intelligence. Way to stay positive, Elon.

    Read more at the source directly below.

    Source: Business Insider

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    1. NotABiot's Avatar
      NotABiot -
      The solution to the problem of people "mumbling" into devices is to ignore it: it's none of their business. The same goes to control freaks who complain all over about people talking into their phones on restaurants or planes.
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