• SLO Cellular Customers Now Belong To AT&T

    On November 17th, AT&T announced their acquisition of SLO Cellular based out of San Luis Obispo County on California's Central Coast.

    AT&T* today announced that Cellular One customers in San Luis Obispo County, Calif. are now AT&T customers. The transition follows AT&Tís acquisition of SLO Cellular, which had operated under the Cellular One brand.

    Once network transition and integration work is completed, subscribers in this service area will enjoy the benefits of the nationís fastest mobile broadband network. AT&T expects to roll out its mobile broadband service to all of the acquired properties, which includes 46 cell sites, over the coming year.

    ďMobile broadband is changing how we live our lives and transforming every sector of business, and AT&T is leading the way,Ē said Andy Shibley, vice president and general manager, AT&Tís Greater Los Angeles Area. ďWeíre excited that with this acquisition, AT&T will bring the benefits of mobile broadband to new subscribers. We mobilize everything for our customers by delivering the fastest mobile broadband experience nationwide, the most popular smartphones, an array of emerging devices like eReaders and netbooks, the ability to talk and browse the Web at the same time and access to more than 225,000 apps.Ē**
    More: http://www.att.com/gen/press-room?pi...pcode=wireless
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    1. Guest547's Avatar
      Guest547 -
      What I don't understand about these transactions is - why the new phone mandate? I understand why AT&T required us Alltel people to replace our phones. There are technological reasons that make it necessary, as UMTS and CDMA are incompatible.

      But SLO Cellular uses the same GSM/UMTS tech... their phones should work just fine...
    1. hwertz's Avatar
      hwertz -
      I can think of two reasons:
      1) If Cellular One SLO's phones are locked then they would not accept AT&T SIMs. And AT&T probably doesn't want to bother to arrange for everyone's phones to be unlocked.

      2) It provides a chance for some AT&T reps to try to pressure people into changing to a more expensive AT&T plan.
    1. Sam73065's Avatar
      Sam73065 -
      it's getting old listening to cingular(att) talk about their so-called fastest mobile broadband network.... talk about skewing the facts
    1. baayers's Avatar
      baayers -
      For most of us here in SLO county we have seen this coming for years. From 2004 to 2008 they had no national plans what so ever and anytime you left the county you were paying between $0.18 - $0.25 per minute roaming. Even when they did finally make a national plan The only minutes that were usable outside the county were the peak minutes. I think for a lot of people the outage of 2007 when they experienced a 2 week system wide outage due to a switch failure was the last straw and customer confidence was damaged to the point of no return. After that the only areas where they were able to really hold on to any customers were in towns such as Cambria where they had the only service available thanks to dirty politics. They have also been contract free for at least 2 years so there should be no one left in contract. All though it is sad to see another small wireless company bite the dust in this case I think its in everyones best interest and everyone wins.
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