• OnePlus Has a Quality Control Problem

    Remember the OnePlus 5 that got delivered to me a week ago? I finally got around to unboxing it over the weekend, and on Monday sent it back.

    Follow the arrow in the image above and you'll hopefully see the long scratch along the bottom of the camera lens assembly. And while the photo doesn't really show it, I'm fairly certain that the lens assembly itself is misaligned, like it was jammed into place by someone who had neither the time nor inclination to do it properly. I went straight for a refund instead of a repair, as I honestly can't remember ever buying a phone with such an obvious manufacturing defect out of the box.

    Apparently I'm not the only affected user; there are at least two separate threads on the OnePlus reddit filled with details of similar defects. To be fair, there are a number of redditors mistaking the NFC antenna itself for a scratch—the antenna is a small groove extending upwards from the top of the lens assembly to the antenna bands along the top of the device. But there are other reports of scratches around the camera, on the SIM card tray cover and other places where they clearly should not be.

    Here's the big one: a number of users are experiencing a strange, jelly-like effect when scrolling through their app drawer, a website, etc. Apparently this is because the screens on some OnePlus 5s have been installed upside down.

    It's a big change from the OnePlus 3; I ordered a pair of those on launch day and both units were flawless. I can even remember watching Carl Pei in interviews boasting about their manufacturing process. Hopefully the company hasn't diverted funds from quality control to Bollywood star endorsements, but if you're thinking of ordering a OnePlus 5 you might want to hold off until they get these issues sorted out.

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