• Save Net Neutrality. Again.

    Today marks an Internet-wide day of action to save net neutrality in the United States. The current FCC under Ajit Pai has voted to roll back net neutrality by removing Title II protections. Title II is about the idea of common carriage—that is, a network provider must treat everything on their network equally. Removing Title II protections would give broadband and wireless providers the power to turn the Internet into something more akin to cable TV.

    Organizations participating in this day of action include Amazon, the American Civil Liberties Union, Automattic (WordPress), Creative Commons, Dropbox, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Facebook, the Free Software Foundation, Github, Google, Imgur, the Mozilla Foundation, Netflix, Opera, Pinterest, reddit, Slashdot, Spotify, Ting, Tumblr, Twitter, Vimeo and Yelp.

    All of the sites listed above (and others) will, in their own ways, call their users to action over the course of the day. The FCC's controversial proposal is currently open for public comment, but only until July 17th. Until then you can make your voice heard at one or both of the links directly below; Battle for the Net is a joint effort by three separate activist groups—Demand Progress, Fight for the Future and the Free Press Action Fund—while Dear FCC is an initiative from the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

    Links: Battle for the Net, Dear FCC

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    1. Michael_2258's Avatar
      Michael_2258 -
      Nope sorry, Net neutrality almost always results in higher prices, higher regulation, less competition and innovation and significant government control. No amount of government regulation can make net neutrality a good thing.
    1. SoNic67's Avatar
      SoNic67 -
      Be careful what you ask for. Nice words don't end up in nice results.
      If the Internet becomes an utility, then the websites will be FORCED to follow the same regulations about equal access as the cable TV for example. A conservative blog will be forced to allow same space for liberal views and viceversa. Some oppinions would not be able to be posted because they will be offensive to some readers.
      VPNs might be banned because they will go around the government imposed rules (happening now in China).
      Torrents will be banned for not being equally "fair" because of capabilities of banning certain IP addresses (hint, hint).
      So on an so forth...

      Leave the market to regulate this, if I don't like my provider actions, the goverment should let me choose another one.
    1. schultzter's Avatar
      schultzter -
      I was hoping Google would go worldwide on this initiative and target every country's telecom regulator, not just the FCC.

      I was looking forward to adding my voice to Google's in telling the CRTC (Canada) to keep, or even strengthen, our net neutrality.
    1. emmali's Avatar
      emmali -
      I wonder if this fight is going to be waged every time a republican gets back into office. Uugh!