• Your Chance to Own a Piece of Pebble History

    Welcome back to your Pebble appreciation station. Today I'm here to tell you about a limited edition soft cover book showcasing the work of premier watchface designer Albert Salamon, who sells his work in the Pebble app store under the TTMM brand.

    Watchface design, particularly on a 144 by 168 pixel canvas, can be a very subjective thing, but this designer has actually won awards for his work. His book, available through eBay, features 100 TTMM faces—including some that haven't even been released yet! As a bonus, you'll receive a customized KiezelPay code that will unlock everything you see in the book.

    These are the two TTMM faces that I have installed on my own Pebble Time Steel. FEELTTMM (left) shows you the current temperature via a colour panel which changes from blue to yellow to green to red depending on how cold or hot it is outside. TTMMBRN is a funky LCD-style face paying tribute to the Jason Bourne movies (which I've never seen). Yes, my step counter is at zero, but I just woke up. Gimme a break, here...

    Mr. Salamon's book is limited to 100 copies and ships from his native Poland for less than $20 USD.

    Links: eBay via reddit

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    1. acurrie's Avatar
      acurrie -
      Update from Albert Salamon on Twitter:

      WOW - thanks! There is an error in description. I can offer free code to ALL TTMM on Pebble App Store (28 models) not 100 which are on book
      Lots to look forward to, it seems...