• Speedtest Global Index for July, 2017

    OpenSignal has been very, er... "open" about sharing their data on network speeds around the world; they even have their own speed-testing app, called Meteor. But what about the app that people actually use?

    I've been using Ookla's Speedtest.net for years to test my broadband connection through my desktop browser; ditto for for the Android app. Perhaps because of OpenSignal, Ookla has just published a Global Speed Index of their own.

    The results have been gathered from more than 6,000 servers in 190 countries. The good news? Canada ranked highest in North America, with an average download speed of 35.19 Mbps. The bad news? We're 13th worldwide. The really bad news? High prices, no unlimited data plans, lack of compelling MVNOs... Shall I go on?

    The United States ranked 43rd overall, with an average download speed of 23.05 Mbps. Here are the countries in the top ten worldwide:

    1. Norway - 52.59 Mbps
    2. Netherlands - 46.94 Mbps
    3. Hungary - 46.24 Mbps
    4. Singapore - 45.99 Mbps
    5. Malta - 44.84 Mbps
    6. Australia - 44.64 Mbps
    7. United Arab Emirates - 43.98 Mbps
    8. South Korea - 42.09 Mbps
    9. Belgium - 37.81 Mbps
    10. Iceland - 36.84 Mbps

    Source: Speedtest via Mobile Syrup

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    1. Ipse's Avatar
      Ipse -
      As I posted on Mobile Syrup, this sounds like Robellus marketing...
      Give me 20Mbps, hell, give me 10 Mbps unlimited for 50$ and I'll be happier than with 120Mpbs speeds that burn through my data in 60 sec.
    1. HP_John's Avatar
      HP_John -
      Being ranked 13th out of 190 countries isn't bad at all. I do however agree we are being charged too much