• A Mid-Year Assessment of the Battle on Smartphone Bezels

    Irony is, the bezels on this image are YUGE!

    Nevertheless, we should be grateful for a thoughtful redditor's recent contribution to r/Android, comparing the differences between 2017's "bezel-less" smartphones so far. There are some notable omissions... Xiaomi's Mi Mix kicked off this craze last year but was never intended for the North American market, so that's fine. But the Essential Phone should definitely be here. It's also odd that the as-yet unreleased iPhone 8 is present, but the similarly-leaked Pixel 2 XL is not.

    I think that the general idea here was to compare the bezels on specific phones and their forebears, specifically the Galaxy Note 8 vs. Note 7 and iPhone 8 vs. the 7 Plus. It also seems like the author is trying to decide between an LG V30 and G6. And for some reason the OnePlus 3 has been added to the comparison of bottom bezels and phone widths.

    To find out what other redditors are saying see the link directly below.

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    1. ilvla2's Avatar
      ilvla2 -
      Where are the S8 and S8+?
    1. acurrie's Avatar
      acurrie -
      That's a good question!
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      dragon2knight -
      Quote Originally Posted by ilvla2 View Post
      Where are the S8 and S8+?
      He stated in the comments he forgot the S8's...so he's might edit to put them in. As the Note 8 is almost exactly the same with some more height, of course, it should suffice as a guide for now. My G6 is just right in this regard IMHO. This one is seriously subjective, of course, everyone is different here.