• Out of Office: In Sri Lanka for Some Reason

    As you read this I'll be waiting at Toronto International Airport for a morning flight to Hong Kong, and then onwards to Colombo. I'm not entirely sure why, to be honest; this particular vacation destination was the girlfriend's idea...

    All I know about Sri Lanka so far is that, according to OpenSignal's latest numbers, it ranks last for LTE data availability and near last for LTE data speeds. On the flip side, if our local testing is any indication then the food there will be pretty great.

    Anyway, there won't be any news round-ups or other posts from yours truly until Tuesday, September 19th... See you then!

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    1. themanhimself's Avatar
      themanhimself -
      It's a pretty nice island. Had fun when I was there and the people seemed nice. Pretty peaceful
    1. NotABiot's Avatar
      NotABiot -
      Thanks for the View from Serendip!

      I mainly recall reading about it from Arthur C Clarke, who loved the island so much that he had no problem paying a tax rate that exceeded 100%.
    1. Ipse's Avatar
      Ipse -
      Have fun! Wonderful place to visit....
    1. NotABiot's Avatar
      NotABiot -
      "Anyway, there won't be any news round-ups..."

      Don't worry, Acurrie.

      To avoid what happened last year, will keep the Samsung Note 8's stored safely on dry ice, all with power completely drained, until you return.
    1. jattdesi's Avatar
      jattdesi -
      Have Fun.

      Ten Characters
    1. dragon2knight's Avatar
      dragon2knight -
      Looks like a blast, GF's got good taste Have fun!
    1. high technology's Avatar
      high technology -
      I would call a beautiful place with limited LTE coverage a good place to recharge your battery... time to smell the scents of another culture.