• Wearable Wednesdays: Pebble Gore

    It has begun.

    Not even a year after Pebble was acquired by Fitbit their watches are already starting to fail. Some have apparent manufacturing defects or quality control issues, while others have suffered too much abuse on the wrists of their owners. What's especially heartbreaking about these photos is that we Pebblers are holding on to our hardware for dear life. Unlike a good mechanical watch, however, these things just aren't built to last.

    The first-generation Pebble started shipping in January, 2013; here's what one of those looks like when the buttons fall out.

    When a button on their 2016 Pebble 2 wore off, this user switched from using his finger to the tip of a pen, with predictable results.

    Swollen batteries are also starting to affect some Pebbles. Here's a 2015 Pebble Time Round with a display panel lifting away from its body.

    And this 2016 Pebble Time Steel seems to have experienced an adhesive failure between its display and body.

    The moral of the story? If you love your Pebble like I do get a spare or two on Amazon while you still can...!

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