• It's a Wild West of Ridesharing Apps in BC

    Something rather interesting is happening in Canada's westernmost province. While Uber and Lyft await the green light to begin operations there, a slew of homegrown alternatives has popped up from seemingly out of nowhere to fill in the gap. I've read mention of no less than eight available services—four of which I was able to find sites and app store listings for:

    GoKabu - (uses WeChat) / website
    Longmao Club - Android / iOS / website
    Poparide - Android / iOS / website
    Udi Kuaiche - Android / iOS / website

    And another four for which I could not:

    AO Rideshare
    Dingdang Carpool
    U Drop

    As you can probably surmise, at least half of these apps cater to the local Chinese-Canadian community. GoKabu was the one that, in a Global News report, was accused of refusing to accept non-Chinese fares; the $1,150 CAD fines for drivers accepting rides using these currently illegal apps might have something to do with that.

    Has anyone here used one of these BC ridesharing apps?

    Links: Global News, Mobile Syrup

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