• More Evidence of Slowing Smartphone Sales Worldwide

    If memory serves me correctly I first introduced the concept of "peak smartphone" last October, when I linked to a story about someone who had tracked Google searches for Apple and Samsung devices and found that interest in both of them had, well... peaked.

    This week TechCrunch is running a story with further evidence of slowing smartphone sales worldwide. A new report by Gartner claims that Q4 numbers were down 5.6% from the previous year; Apple moved 5% less iPhones and Samsung 3.6% less units over the holidays. And if you thought the world's largest smartphone market would be safe, think again: recent research by Canalys suggests that sales in China dropped by 4% in 2017, and were down 14% in Q4 alone.

    Back to Gartner, here's what they think is going on:

    Gartner says two main factors led to the Q4 sales drop: A slowing of upgrades from feature phones to smartphones due to a lack of quality “ultra-low-cost” smartphones; and existing smartphone owners selecting quality models and keeping them for longer, lengthening the replacement cycle.
    I would add that smartphones are getting too expensive, and that customers are passing over models without headphone jacks, but what do I know...?

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