• Multiple Camera Lens Madness

    Could the insane lens array of the Light L16 Camera be making its way to a future generation of smartphones? If the arms race for multiple phone cameras continues, it certainly seems possible.

    With the P20 Pro Huawei has made triple smartphone cameras a thing, and rumours suggest that at least one model of this year's iPhone 9 series will also have a three-lens camera system on board. But why stop at three? In an interview with Android Headlines DxOMark is convinced that quadruple-cam smartphones are inevitable.

    On the one hand, multiple lenses are an ingenious use of a large but relatively thin surface area. The Light Camera, for example, uses its 16 lenses simultaneously to capture a massive 52 megapixel image with post-capture depth of field controls. On the other hand, Google's Pixels seem to do pretty well with only a single lens.

    I guess my biggest concern is copycat Android OEMs adding a whack of cheap cameras to their phones' backsides instead of one or two decent ones. That, and not being able to hold a device without smudging up multiple lenses.

    Source: Android Headlines

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