• Spanish Football League Hijacking Phones to Spy on Pirate Broadcasts

    Every so often we need to be reminded that smartphones, if compromised, can be effective surveillance devices. Case in point: Spanish soccer league La Liga is being investigated for their smartphone app, which helps itself to the user's microphone and location data to check for unauthorized game broadcasts.

    According to the BBC this surveillance "feature" was added to the app in an update last week. La Liga maintains that its only wish is to protect both fans and teams from fraud; broadcasting games in bars and other public places without a license apparently costs the league 150 million annually in lost revenue. The league also told Bloomberg that users of its app must opt in to the collection of audio and location data, and that the app will periodically remind you that this data is being collected.

    The AEPD, Spain's data protection agency, has launched a preliminary investigation into the matter. EU privacy laws give it the power to levy sanctions of up to 4% of any guilty party's annual global sales. La Liga's annual revenue has been reported at 3.6 billion; if my math is right 4% of that would be 1.44 million, plus the ire of angry fans who have had their privacy breached.

    Sources: BBC, Bloomberg

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