• This Active Damping Case is like an Airbag for Your Phone

    This is some next-level phone protection right here. If you drop your device while it's in this prototype case, a built-in motion sensor will immediately detect the fall and deploy a set of eight metal springs to cushion the impact. The case can then be reset by folding the springs back into the case, not unlike the knife on a switchblade.

    It works better than you might think, and can be seen in action right here.

    The clever mind responsible for this feat is German engineering student Philip Frenzel, seen here modeling a T-shirt with a snazzy logo for his invention. Frenzel took home the top prize from a national competition put on by the German Society for Mechatronics; something tells me we'll be seeing his invention on Kickstarter sometime soon.

    Source: PREVIEW Online (German) via TechCrunch

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    1. aaronwt's Avatar
      aaronwt -
      Really?!?! Is this actually needed?

      I've been using cell phones since 1994. And I can count on two hands the number of times I've ever dropped a cell phone. And I have never damaged any cell phone from dropping it.