• Data Overages in Canada Reach $100/GB

    One of Canada's Big Three carriers reached a new high (or low) this week, raising rates on data overages from 7 to 10 cents per megabyte. It's only Bell testing these uncharted waters at the moment, but if history teaches us anything then Rogers and Telus are sure to follow. Hopefully the mid-tier sub-brands will be exempt from this new "feature"—for the moment Virgin Mobile's overage rate remains the same.

    Someone from Bell took a break from making snow angels in huge piles of cash to inform Mobile Syrup that the increased rates will apply to new plans only; existing customers are grandfathered in at a slightly-less egregious rate of $70/GB. Furthermore, Bell will cap overages at 10GB, so you'll never be on the hook for more than $1,000 in extra fees. How thoughtful!

    For any smartphone user in this country who ever thought they'd be able to enjoy unlimited data plans like our American friends, think again.

    Source: Mobile Syrup

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      NotABiot -
      That's positively loonie!
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      @Class -
      Well I hope no one at these telco companies needs anything from me... Gas? $6.99 / L. Electricity? 3.99 / kWh. Food? $430 No frills bill.