• How To Free Your OnePlus 6T

    According to DHL my annual phone upgrade has been loaded onto a delivery truck and is bound for my front door. Once it arrives I'll be spending the rest of the afternoon unlocking its bootloader, installing Magisk and transferring over the apps and data from my current phone; here's how that's going to go down...

    Disclaimer: What I'm writing below is only broad strokes; you should definitely watch the video above and check the link at the bottom of this post for more detailed instructions.

    So, even before my new 6T arrives the first thing I'll be doing is making an app backup from my current 5T using Titanium Backup. If you ever want to do the same Titanium's Pro Key is a must-buy; without it you won't be able to batch restore your apps.

    Next I'll be cracking open my new phone and deliberately skipping through the setup process, since unlocking the bootloader will also wipe it clean. I will, however, be enabling developer settings, then toggling the specific options to allow OEM (bootloader) unlocking and ADB debugging over USB. Then the fun starts!

    I've already got the android-tools-adb and android-tools-fastboot packages on my Linux Mint computer, so I'll be launching a terminal window and testing its ADB connection. Once that's confirmed I'll use ADB to reboot into the bootloader and enter my favourite terminal command ever: fastboot oem unlock.

    At this point a bit of backtracking is required before I move on. I'll reboot into Oxygen OS proper, set up the phone with my Google credentials and then re-enable developer settings, OEM unlocking (why not?) and ADB debugging over USB. Now back to the fun stuff!

    I'll reboot back into the bootloader and use my desktop computer to boot the phone into TWRP. Then I'll use the adb-sideload terminal command to flash a zip file of this same recovery onto the phone. From the phone to reboot from my temporary recovery into the permanent, just-flashed one, and from there I'll sideload my zip of Magisk.

    Almost done... I just need to boot back into the OS, check "allow unknown sources" and use Android's native installer to install the Magisk Manager apk. Then I can download Titanium Backup from the Play Store (plus the Pro Key) transfer my old Titanium Backups to the new phone and thenówith rootórestore all apps and the data associated with them.

    For more detailed instructions, and to grab the necessary images and zips, check the link immediately below. Rest assured, I'll be doing the same.

    Link: XDA

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    1. zapjb's Avatar
      zapjb -
      Good for you. I love being rooted.

      Others, if this is not your phone go to XDA & see if your model has an active development community.
    1. Morphling27's Avatar
      Morphling27 -
      I so wanted to read this as how to get a free one plus.
    1. acurrie's Avatar
      acurrie -
      If I hear anything on that front I'll be sure to let you know.
    1. acurrie's Avatar
      acurrie -
      Also, for anyone actually embarking on this procedure, don't use the recovery files in that guide—use these ones instead, which will properly decrypt the data partition on your phone.
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