• A Holiday Reminder re: The Fitbit Versa & Android

    You may have noticed the deals on Fitbit's answer to the Apple Watch this holiday season. For example, Amazon.com is currently listing the Versa Special Edition (the one with Fitbit Pay) for $179 USD, almost $60 off the list price of $229.95. And for Canadians, Amazon.ca is listing the same model for $229.95 CAD, a full $70 off its regular $299.95

    So what's the catch?

    Well, if you're on iOS by all accounts you should be fine, but if you're phone is of the Android variety then maybe keep your expectations low. I've already posted about my own experience with the Versa and my OnePlus 5Tómine went straight back to Best Buy after notifications failed and failed hard.

    And it's not just me. From a recent thread on the Fitbit subreddit:

    I bought the Versa direct from Fitbit when it first came out. I paired with my Oneplus 3T and have always had problems with it. I would conservatively say 75% of the time the watch was not syncing or sending over ANY notifications.
    Granted, the OnePlus 3T isn't an officially supported Android deviceónor was my 5T, for that matter. So which Android phones are supported? Less than you might think. Buried deep in Fitbit's help pages is a listing of currently compatible Android hardware. From this page find the section Which Devices Are Compatible With the Fitbit app? and then expand the sub-heading marked Android devices.

    One of the phones listed as "fully compatible" is this year's Pixel 3ówhich this same redditor tried to use with his Versa:

    I recently bought a Pixel 3 which, by definition, runs stock Android OS. Again, watch doesn't sync, watch doesn't show ANY notifications. I have a 100% notification and sync rate with my Pebbles and Wear OS. Fitbit BOUGHT Pebble but they can't figure out bluetooth/syncing/notifications.
    I do find myself missing the great experience I had with the Versa and Fitbit Pay. But every time I'm tempted to buy, I have another look at that reddit thread and talk myself out of it. If you're also an Android user, maybe you should do the same.

    Source: reddit

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    1. Mr.Peppermint's Avatar
      Mr.Peppermint -
      It's funny I was just posting this on the other board

      Yes for some reason Android + FitBit do not play nice
      Is it the app? The OS?
      Who knows, important fact is it does not work

      Buy an iPhone instead
    1. NotABiot's Avatar
      NotABiot -
      Actually, working with a watch is the only advantage I see to getting an iPhone over an Android. But that watch is the Apple Watch.
    1. GoreD's Avatar
      GoreD -
      I've had the Versa for a good 6 months and was having trouble with sync/notifications with my OP3T but after adjusting some settings (mostly turning off device lock on the versa and enabling "always connected" and "keep alive widget" fyi the passcode is still required for fitbit pay) I've got it working more than 95% of the time. If it does fail restarting both devices usually fixes it.
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