• RIP Google Inbox, 2014-2019

    As of today, Google's "experiment" in re-imagining email is officially over, with Inbox joining a growing list of the company's abandoned apps and services.

    I can still remember the exact moment that I decided to try it out, while listening to The Verge crew sing its praises on their weekly podcast. Like Gmail you had to get an invite at launch; unlike Gmail it was only a few weeks before I got mine. And almost immediately thereafter I began using Inbox full-time.

    Less than four years later Google abruptly announced that Inbox would be shutting down. They promised at the time that its best features would be added to Gmail proper but, as 9to5Google reports, that promise has yet to be fulfilled. I'm still missing the very handy travel bundle, where I could see plane tickets and hotel reservations organized by date on a single screen. On Android I can use Google Trips, but for some reason that app no longer has a desktop counterpart.

    What I'll miss most about Inbox, though, was its elegant interface, which encouraged me to act on messages quickly and then file them away—when I did I'd get this nice little graphic as a reward. Gmail has it now too, but Inbox did it first.

    So rest in peace Inbox, and say hi to Google Reader for me.

    Sources: 9to5Google, The Verge (1) (2)

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    1. brad4cell's Avatar
      brad4cell -
      I never liked using a local email app myself.

      I prefer using the web email client.

      A long time ago hotmail did not give unlimited storage so you had to use an email client if you wanted to archive your email. But now they give unlimited storage so if you use the web email client everything is taken care of for you.
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