• Japan’s Hot Handsets – April, 2019

    Just back from two weeks in Sapporo and Tokyo, and multiple visits to Japan's twin temples of tech: Bic and Yodobashi Camera. On every visit I find the shelf space for traditional keitai increasingly overrun by Android phones, all while the vast majority of locals are using hardware made by Apple. But a few hot handsets managed to stand out...

    INFOBAR xv

    According to The Verge, this 15th anniversary edition of au's iconic candy bar actually went on sale last summer. Like more recent models it runs Android; unlike recent models there's no Play Store installed—users instead have to make do with pre-installed apps. This probably isn't the phone to get if you have small children, as they might well try to put it in their mouth and suck on it. I've caught myself having that same thought.

    NTT DoCoMo KY-01L

    Launched last fall (says Engadget) this is Kyocera's answer to similar minimalist nouveau-feature phones like the Punkt MP-02. The DoCoMo version is quite a bit thinner, though:

    It doesn't have any cameras but it does have a (monochrome) web browser. And its e-paper display should give the user better than expected performance from the 380 mAh battery inside.

    Pocketalk Voice Translator

    Technically not a phone, but it does take a SIM card. Pocketalk was all over our hotel TVs and prominently displayed at Bic and Yodobashi as well. Here's the pitch:

    If you're suspicious of a dressed-up version of Google Translate you're not alone; Pocketalk does indeed run a custom version of Android OS. Interested parties in the USA can order one from Amazon and let the rest of us know if it actually works.

    Sources: au, Engadget, NTT DoCoMo, Pocketalk, The Verge

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    1. WaltzQueen's Avatar
      WaltzQueen -
      No flips, huh? Can't have it all I suppose.
      Thanks for the update, though.
    1. acurrie's Avatar
      acurrie -
      Still plenty of flip-phones, but all of them pretty generic, unfortunately.
    1. zapjb's Avatar
      zapjb -
      Pocketalk looks good. But in the real world idk.
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