• Tested: JCR Data SIMs for Japan

    My history with JCR goes way back to 2001, when I rented my first keitai for my first-ever visit to Japan. Come to think of it, my first-ever experience with LTE was with a WiFi hotspot also rented from JCR. As the girlfriend and I have come to realize, however, one big drawback with such things is that both parties have to stay within range of the device—that is if they ever want to meet up after a solo side adventure. The solution, especially for our dual-SIM OnePlus phones, was separate data SIMs for each of us. JCR has been renting these for some time now, but this was my first experience using them.

    And the experience was generally very good.

    We chose two 7GB packages for our 14-day visit. With taxes our total charge came out to $170.64 USD / $228.67 CAD, charged to my credit card a few days before we set out.

    When we arrived at our first hotel an oversized package was already waiting for us, containing the two nano SIM cards, a SIM ejector tool, lots of paper instructions, and a return mailer. It's a bit unfortunate that prepaid disposable SIMs aren't available, like in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

    Since JCR products use the DoCoMo network, set up was a breeze—or at least, half a breeze. One of the cards connected to the network right away and the other didn't at all. I managed to email support before passing out from our overseas flight and connection, and by the following morning the issue (on their end) was resolved. Both SIMs worked perfectly for the remainder of our trip.

    Here are the results of some random speed tests in Sapporo and Tokyo:

    For me on the Bell/Telus 4G network in downtown Toronto these numbers aren't actually that impressive—that is, until I recall the seemingly endless sea of people accessing the network at all hours of the day and night.

    Ending the rental was as easy as putting our SIMs in their prepaid mailer and handing that to hotel staff when we checked out. If you need to be connected for the ride to the airport you could also post your return package there.

    Over the years JCR has been quite dependable for me, so I'm willing to brush off the technical issue with the one SIM as a one-time blip. If you're interested you can rent your own data SIM from JCR right here.

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