• Apple Stores Suck

    So it's not just me... A new report by Bloomberg paints a somewhat less than rosy picture of the Apple retail experience, shared by yours truly at his local outlet (in Toronto's Eaton Centre, pictured above). From the source:

    In interviews, current and former Apple employees blame a combination of factors. They say the stores have become mostly an exercise in branding and no longer do a good job serving shoppers.

    Meanwhile, they say, the quality of staff has slipped during an 18-year expansion that has seen Apple open more than 500 locations and hire 70,000 people. The Genius Bar, once renowned for its tech support, has been largely replaced with staff who roam the stores and are harder to track down.
    Bloomberg goes on to say that at one time Genius Bar specialists were trained at Apple HQ in Cupertino, but those days are long gone.

    Former retail chief Angela Ahrendts is at least partly to blame for the decline in Apple Store service; on her watch the traditional checkout counter was replaced by handheld devices, worn on the hip of employees so that purchases could be rung up from anywhere in the store. In theory it was a good idea; in practice, the opposite. My last Apple Store purchase (a MacBook in 2009) was incredibly frustrating because I spent way too much time just trying to find someone who was able to take my money.

    Ahrendts will be succeeded by longtime Apple exec Deirdre OíBrien. Looks like she has her work cut out for her.

    Source: Bloomberg via iPhone in Canada

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    1. Steveinmn's Avatar
      Steveinmn -
      Yup. My experience as well. Too many people waiting around and lots of "oh, no, you need to see the guy over there in the green beanie." Even a wait once you swim upstream to the Genius Bar. Not sure what Apple was thinking, but they sure broke something that didn't need fixing.
    1. zapjb's Avatar
      zapjb -
      When drinking at the Devil's bar you drink out of his glasses.
    1. daleraver's Avatar
      daleraver -
      I’ve been an Apple Store visitor for the past 10 years. Except for the crowds I look forward to a pleasant, helpful experience and always walk away a satisfied customer. YMMV
    1. motorcycle mama's Avatar
      motorcycle mama -
      I have never had a bad experience in an Apple store. Ever.
    1. Ipse's Avatar
      Ipse -
      Apple has stores???
    1. californiajay's Avatar
      californiajay -
      Wow so I finally hear from people who feel as I have felt for several years now. The biggest drawback is that most of the cellphone stores around here now are also doing what Apple has done by taking away registers, checkout counters etc and instead making the customer try to find someone to help him/her. At least SOME of them have someone standing up front taking names and putting them into a queue. Every time I must go to an Apple store, I just dread the experience as I know that what can be a 10 minute experience ends up being a half to full hour one because of having to pry salespeople away from talking with one another and then finally being told "well you see that guy down by the first table over there? He can help you."
    1. Barmalei's Avatar
      Barmalei -
      If I need to go to an Apple Store, I usually go to one in Staten Island. Less crowd and people that work there are very professional. Manhattan stores are like a nut house most of the time. Specially the one in Grand Central.
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