• Finally, the End of iTunes

    Unfortunately a prior commitment will keep me from catching the WWDC keynote this afternoon, so instead I'm going to spill the beans on what is rumoured to be the best possible news to come out of Cupertino in many years: The death of iTunes.

    As a loyal Apple customer from 1995 until 2010, it never made sense to me that iPhones connected to Macs via a music player.

    I'm well aware that one of the reasons why the iPhone came to market in the first place was to combat the rising tide of Nokias and Sony Ericssons with onboard music players of their own. And as a natural evolution of the wildly-successful iPod I can appreciate how iPhone plus iTunes probably made sense at the time, as users were still shuttling their music collections between desktop and mobile in those dark days before Spotify or Apple Music.

    But even back then smartphones were about so much more than just media. Apple already had a pretty great syncing tool in the early 2000s called iSync, which used Bluetooth and SyncML to synchronize the four pillars of personal information management: calendars, contacts, notes and tasks. Now, almost two decades later, Apple is finally breaking apart the bloated mess that is iTunes, paving the way for a more useful and sensible connection to desktop computers:

    This year, Apple is finally ready to move into a new era. The company is launching a trio of new apps for the Mac—Music, TV, and Podcasts—to replace iTunes. That matches Apple’s media app strategy on iPhones and iPads.

    Without iTunes, customers can manage their Apple gadgets through the Music app.

    Source: Bloomberg
    Image source: Gizmodo

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    1. cyberstoic's Avatar
      cyberstoic -
      Thank goodness. It could not go away fast enough. I love my iphone and I could not possibly hate itunes more. This has to be the worst software I have ever been forced to use.
    1. howard's Avatar
      howard -
      I switched to using iCloud backup to sync my iPhone a year or 2 ago and haven't looked back.

      The inflection point was when my wife's iPhone crashed. We hadn't backed it up to my computer in months so she lost a considerable amount of data.

      Other considerations included the time it took to have to connect each iPad/iPhone to my computer. While iTunes did have WiFi backup it didn't seem to be very reliable. Also, each device can hold a lot of stuff so the backups take up a lot of my computer's disk space.
    1. aaronwt's Avatar
      aaronwt -
      So do I understand this correctly? There is currently one app to take care of music, movies/TV, and podcasts.
      So now they will have three apps instead of one?
      Isn't this going backwards?
      One app to take care of everything makes more sense.
    1. TXLady's Avatar
      TXLady -
      My biggest question is if the new Music app will flawlessly allow me to sync my collection of music which is NOT in iTunes. I have music from hundreds of discs which I have on my computer.

      update: the answer is no change to the Windows app for now.
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