• Canada's Big Three Now Offering Bigger Data Buckets

    Summer price war, anyone?

    If you can afford to shell out $75/month, The Big Three are each offering unusually big data buckets for their new BYOD plans. As per iPhone in Canada (see specific links below), here's how it went down:

    Yesterday Rogers announced a trio of Infinite plans (now live), the cheapest of which gives you 10 GB of full speed data for $75/month. After 10 GB you can still use data but will be throttled to 256 kbps.

    Then, also yesterday, Telus announced a $75/month BYOD plan with a 15 GB data bucket... but only for two years—after that you'll be back down to 10. That plan is also now live.

    Finally, as of this morning Bell too is now offering a $75/month "unlimited data" plan, similarly throttled after 10 GB. And it's live here.

    I'm personally intrigued by the Telus offering, as its effective data rate is $5/GB and gives the user upwards of 500 MB daily, even if only for 24 months. I'm currently paying Virgin $75/month for 10 GB, which until today I thought was a pretty good deal.

    What do you think of these new plans. Are they available in your part of the country?

    Sources: iPhone in Canada (1) (2) (3)

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    1. cmstlist's Avatar
      cmstlist -
      I think that if it doesn't become the norm to offer bigger data buckets, Canadians are going to let out a collective shrug when 5G comes to town. Who cares about the difference between super-fast and screamingly fast mobile internet, when all it does is help you burn through your entire data bucket in 5 minutes?

      Anyway I'm still OK with the $48/5GB price point for now. Would be nice if they'd offer one more lower-cost tier than $75.
    1. Samshares's Avatar
      Samshares -
      the bloggers must be paid for this content that they write because otherwise no right minded person will be paying $75/10GB.....Especially having seen what all is discussed on this forum....I mean there were so many great deals that came around like the Public to Koodo offer and I wasn't even a Public customer.

      $40/8GB...with 1000 International minutes...light years cheaper than $75/10GB even after doing a add-on.
    1. turbogeek's Avatar
      turbogeek -
      Rogers: 10/20/50, throttled unlimited, shareable
      Bell: 10/20/50, throttled unlimited
      Telus: 10 + expiring 5/20 + expiring 5, overage: $50 for the first GB, $102.40 for each additional.

      You know your marketplace is trash when the competitive responses are noticeably worse than the first mover...
    1. acurrie's Avatar
      acurrie -
      Attachment 163062

      As we're now in the second week of a new round of data deals from Canada's Big Three carriers, I thought I'd take the opportunity to post some new developments from the last four days. All sources here are from iPhone in Canada, but you can find the same information on Mobile Syrup if you prefer.

      First, Virgin Mobile apparently has a new retention plan offering 10GB for $56/month. Your mileage may vary—that is, you'll have to wait on hold to get through to Virgin's loyalty department just to see if they'll even offer it to you.

      Next, Koodo is offering some customers 15GB for $75/month on a Tab Medium plan (a separate device subsidy). This offer is by invitation only; login to your Koodo account to see if you're eligible.

      And finally, as of this morning Telus is now matching Rogers and Bell with their own identical $75 "unlimited" plan (throttled after 10GB). That's great news, but... in adding this plan they seem to have removed their previous deal, the one with an extra 5GB/month for two years. I discovered this at my local Telus store when I tried to activate two lines for my girlfriend and I on the 15GB promo plan.

      So now I'm left wondering whether I should wait for Telus to reintroduce 15GB for $75 and make it permanent, or activate with Bell before they follow Telus and take their 15GB/month option off the table.

      Sources: iPhone in Canada (1) (2) (3)
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