• HTC Incredible S Review

    Hereís my review of the HTC Incredible S.

    Letís go through the specs: 4.0Ē 800x480 display, 1ghz second gen Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8255 processor, 768MB of RAM, 8MP camera with dual LED flash and 720P video capture along with a front facing 1.3MP camera.

    The first thing that struck me when I opened up the Incredible S is its design language. Instead of being fairly smooth the back is partially raised in spots making the edges sleeker. Itís actually kind of retro in that the partially raised back reminds me of my old Pocket PC Phone (the XDA). In front the speaker grill and screen edges are both chromed.

    Thereís a LED on the right side of the speaker grill. The back and edges are covered by rubberized paint. I appreciate that HTC is trying something new but overall Iím not a fan of the new look.

    The battery cover is very molded looking - I found the right side to be creaky already but besides that the Incredible is a solid phone.

    The display is very nice. Itís really bright and crisp. The viewing angle is great up and down but just average when viewed from the side. My only complaint is that itís too reflective for my taste.

    Software wise you get Android 2.2.1 with HTC Sense on top of it.

    While I think pure Android with no customizations needs a lot of work Sense is sort of the opposite in that I found it a bit overdone.

    Hereís a random list of stuff I like about Sense: the recently run program list when you pull the window shade down, the mail client (not to be confused with the Gmail) has copy and paste (you normally need Android 2.3 to get this feature) plus it can also thread emails. The keyboard is excellent - if not the best one of the best stock keyboards for Android. Some of the widgets are quite nice too.

    There is a nice universal search feature which searches everything from your phonebook to Facebook, to Google/Bing/Yahoo/Wikipedia.

    What I donít like is the launcher. Most Android phones have the 4 main buttons (home, menu, back search), but HTC clusters a main menu button, phone and customization button right above it. Itís a bit cluttered. I donít like the HTC gallery, while I like that it has Facebook and Flickr integration along with DLNA support I prefer the stock Android 3D gallery. Luckily the stock Android 3G gallery is hidden on the phone (search the Android Marketplace for ď3G GalleryĒ). While I liked the universal search feature are are 4 different search programs. The built in Google one, Quick Lookup, Search Anywhere and Search People. While Search Anywhere and Search People appear to be the same program it seems kind of bloated to have this many different searches in the program list.

    Iíd like to see HTC copy Samsung by allowing you to lock the screen orientation from the window shade. You can lock the screen orientation via a HTC widget but you have to access it from the home screen.

    While Iím not crazy with how Ďheavyí HTC Sense is I have to say that most of HTCís customizations seem well thought out. Itís just that needs more focus; right now itís a little bit all over the place.

    As I mentioned before the Incredible has an excellent on screen keyboard. Most previous HTC Android phones had a trackball or some sort of navigation pad. The Incredible doesnít. Instead the bottom of the keyboard has up/down/left/right buttons. While I donít think the Incredible needs these keys I liked this a lot because they kept me from accidentally touching the menu buttons.

    Thereís a handy WiFi hotspot feature - most Android 2.2 and better phones have this. HTCís differs in that it can handle up to 8 simultaneous users vs non HTC phones which are usually limited to 5. The Incredible supports up to 14.4mbps downlink speeds.

    As far as crap ware goes the Incredible on Bell and Virgin Mobile Canada come with the following extra programs which you canít remove using the Manage applications feature; GPS Navigation (actually a pretty good program), Bell Remote PVR (not everyone uses Bell for TV), Bell Self serve (useful unless youíre using it on another carrier), Bell TV & Radio, Tunes & Apps. I donít mind that Bell includes these programs but you should have the option to remove them if you donít want them. Then again I guess I could say the same about some of the extra stuff HTC includes. Other other thing that canít be removed is Asphalt 5 demo (a racing game),

    I didnít find the camera that great. While itís is better than some other HTC phones Iíve tried in the past itís AF speed and shutter speeds are much too slow so that most pictures you take will be blurry. Video capture quality is also quite bad. The microphone isnít very good, the video doesnít look good and somehow the Incredible is hard to hold still.

    Sound quality was average. I found outgoing sound quality to be shrill sounding. Incoming is better. Earlier I mentioned that the side of my Incredible creaked. I found that when I held the Incredible up to my ear my thumb would put pressure on the area where it creaked. Thatís mildly annoying.

    RF performance is good. I compared the Incredible with a Galaxy S side-by-side and found that the Galaxy S was slightly worse.

    Overall the Incredible is a good phone. Itís pretty fast, out of the box itís very capable and has a nice display. My only serious complaint is that the camera isnít very good and the screen is a bit too reflective. Minor complaints include Sense being a bit too bloated, the creaking on the side (Iím guessing itís unique to mine though Iím also guessing that most will creak after a while).
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    1. AccessoryGeekss's Avatar
      AccessoryGeekss -
      This phone looks awesome.
      It is definitely better than my phone, the Samsung Galaxy S: Captivate.
      The Incredible has many features that my phone does not.

      The biggest feature it has is the Front facing camera and an 8 MP camera with flash.
    1. bfksc's Avatar
      bfksc -
      I need a new phone so when the Atrix came out on Bell I jumped on it after reading all the hype. Turns out the Atrix is a huge failure. The hardware is great, but the software implementation is just aweful and slow, including the Multimedia dock. I returned the Atrix and started looking for something else, so I've been debating between this phone and the Nexus S which should be out in another week or two. I like Sense as it's on my Desire, but from what I've been reading, the audio quality isn't that great, battery life is better than the Desire HD but no better than my regular Desire, and I've read that the USB port may suffer design issues. I was really hoping this would be my next phone, but the more I read the more it sounds like the Nexus S is a better overall phone.

      I would like to stay with HTC as the Legend and Desire have been great phones, but it seems HTC has been a bit "idle" with new phones this year updating previous models instead of designing new models. Next year might be better with dual cores and Gingerbread, but I need a new phone now, not next year.

      My $0.01 (taxes included).
    1. Snap315's Avatar
      Snap315 -
      What I don't like about this phone is th lack of internal memory for application storage. It is actually a downgrade from previous HTC models.

      Other than that, I like the phone. It is very fast and reponsive. The lack of a physical keyboard hasn't bothered me at all.

      I like several of the HTC widgets. Friend Stream, News, and Stocks are very nice. My only complaint is that they take up a Full Screen with no way to make them smaller.

      Overall it is an okay Mid Level phone.