• Do You Text In Theaters?

    If you get caught doing it at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas, this could be you:

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    1. Steve B's Avatar
      Steve B -
      While I have zero tolerance for people who don't turn their ringers off in movies or even talk during movies and yes, even bring babies/toddlers into movies. If someone is quietly texting on their phone then its their loss if they paid to see a movie and aren't watching it. So what if you happen to see a white light in the middle of the crowd. The damn theater is NOT pitch black anyway, you have aisle lights and of course lights from the damn movie itself. The theater in question in this video can go f themselves.

      I personally don't carry on convos via text during movies anyway but, I will occasionally check my screen for notifications just in case it is a text I DO need to answer.
    1. Salkatib's Avatar
      Salkatib -
      I have no qualms about texting right before the feature starts. Deal with it.

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    1. NHCharmedOne's Avatar
      NHCharmedOne -
      I have text while previews were playing because who cares about those lol, but I keep my phone on silent and if someone is not talking on the phone while the movie is playing who cares!
    1. whitetigergrowl's Avatar
      whitetigergrowl -
      I dont care unless I hear click click click throughout the movie constantly. It's distracting. And the brightness on some if the phones us distracting too. But the click click click click click does it for me. What's so damn important you have to text through a 2 hour movie?
    1. DerekToronto's Avatar
      DerekToronto -
      I dont text during the movie but curiosity gets to me sometimes during the movie especially during slow scenes. So I do peek but I wouldnt reply in the seat.
    1. -banned-'s Avatar
      -banned- -
      I dont care what they do on their phone while in the theatre.. as long as that phone is on silent… Text away, play your games… i don't care, just make sure its on silent..
      What really pisses me off are those dumb fuks that don't silent their phones and it rings during the movie… REALLY..?? you didn't see the screen pop up TWO different times asking to PLEASE SILENCE YOUR PHONE..??? JackA55' i tell ya.
    1. Sam73065's Avatar
      Sam73065 -
      It's not the texting that is annoying, it's the light from the phone and the clacking of the keys. If it's that damned important, leave the theater until you're done or just shut off the phone while you're in the movies. It's not like the world will end during the 2 hour movie and you'll miss it. I applaud this theater for taking such a hard line, now if restaurants and a few other public venues would also take the stance that you should either get off the damned phone or at least lower your voice, it'd be nice.
    1. pukemon's Avatar
      pukemon -
      yeah, the light is annoying. especially when there's 30 people randomly throughout the movie doing their thing. yeah it is rude. even moreso while driving. i hope somebody spills their drink on the next theater texter.
    1. turbogeek's Avatar
      turbogeek -
      According to the original post (http://drafthouse.com/blog/entry/she...kicked_her_out) she was given 2 warnings.

      A phone's backlight in a darkened theatre is like a small flashlight pointing at anyone behind; it's extremely inconsiderate light pollution and detracts from everyone's experience. If you have any intention of pulling out your phone during a movie, have the decency to sit in the very last row at the least. Everyone paid to see the movie, nobody paid to see you texting.

      I wish most theatre owners gave even a fraction as much of a damn as that place; 1/2 the time they can't even be bothered to focus the projector unless someone complains.
    1. eastercat's Avatar
      eastercat -
      I'd be pissed if some idiot started texting during the movie. The lights in the theater are for people who need to find their way in/out for bathroom, drinks, etc. But those lights aren't in the middle of the theater. If you need to text, take it outside and don't bother the rest of us.
      Besides, this texter sounds like one of those nitwits who doesn't turn it on silent. Anyway, if she's texting on her phone, how is she paying attention to the movie?
      Good for Alamo House. It's too bad they're not near me, because I'd love a theater like this.
    1. Fenrry's Avatar
      Fenrry -
      I wish they had a place here in Toronto, I will go every time, Fkn idiots txting or chatting during the movie are the worst, and they don't care about being annoying, do whatever u want during the previews, adds or during the credits, but never do this **** during the Movie itself !!!
    1. GrenaDeD's Avatar
      GrenaDeD -
      I hate it when people text during a movie. You can see the back light of the phone from a mile away in a dark theater, let alone sitting right behind it. Like seriously, how hard is it to not touch your phone for 2 hours?
    1. ccrows's Avatar
      ccrows -
      My local theaters had to raise prices over this BS! Why?... Because they got enough complaints that they had to hire more people to police the "addicts".

      The white light from the phones is just as distracting as the a**holes that used to bring "Pen lasers" into the theatrics...
    1. jeminye's Avatar
      jeminye -
      This is awesome. I can't stand it when people do distracting things during a movie.
    1. OmegaWolf747's Avatar
      OmegaWolf747 -
      I do use my phone before the movie starts. Once the movie starts, I mute or shut the phone off and put it away so I can enjoy the movie without distractions.
    1. ijcy's Avatar
      ijcy -
      I do admit to being guilty of texting once the movie started once or twice i can remember of. And i do also admit it does not really bother me that other people do it, as i am to engrossed in the movie to notice.
      At the same time i appreciate it bothers other people and have not done this for the longest time, and i do applaud Alamo House for their actions and wish here in toronto we would have the same strict policy.
    1. gun26's Avatar
      gun26 -
      I've heard Brian Brushwood talk about the Alamo Drafthouse since he's a San Antonio native and a movie fan. That place seems to be hardcore for movie purists. While I don't text at movies (much, anyway! ) I do have a tendency to make wisecracks during the movie - quietly, but probably audible to people seated very near to me. The Alamo Drafthouse would no doubt kick my sorry arse out as fast as they removed this woman who was texting.

      The point is that the Alamo Drafthouse is for purists, and if you disturb the other audience members in any way, whether it's with your voice or with your cellphone light and tapping sounds on your keyboard, you'll be gone. If you don't like those rules, don't go there. Simple.
    1. allmanallpimp's Avatar
      allmanallpimp -
      i'm a huge movie buff, so i keep my phone on silent and don't even look at it even during the previews. it stays in my pouch until i pretty much exit the theatre.
    1. robrg1836's Avatar
      robrg1836 -
      Wow, so that's how they do things in Texas...