• Check Out The New Mobile Friendly Site

    A recent update to our forum software brought with it a mobile friendly skin. If you have a supported device, the site will detect it and present you with the new mobile friendly version.

    Below are some screenshots from my iPhone:

    You can see it for yourself by visiting the full site from your supported mobile device here: Forums | HoFo Blog

    *Note: This is not the WAP site. This is the full site presented with a mobile friendly skin.
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    1. kEiThZ's Avatar
      kEiThZ -
      I don't know if this is just an Android issue but there's no way to go back from a topic thread to the previous sub-forum without using the back button, which sucks if you're several pages in.
    1. gollumbird's Avatar
      gollumbird -
      Great work! The Tapatalk's new alpha build for Blackberry is slow as molasses, so the new mobile skin is a very welcome addition.
    1. cmstlist's Avatar
      cmstlist -
      Sadly the User Control Panel doesn't work on this skin

      Sent from my Nook Color!
    1. frail's Avatar
      frail -
      The skin was built into a vBulletin update and is a new feature. I'm sure that over time it will be refined.
    1. ccrows's Avatar
      ccrows -
      Mine craps out out on my Android too each time I try to enter a forum. All I get is a white screen...
    1. mrrphone's Avatar
      mrrphone -
      If you can't get the mobile site to work, you can force the full site on the mobile browser with the following:
    1. frail's Avatar
      frail -
      Based on your feedback I'll talk to the forum owner about disabling this until it's in better shape.
    1. frail's Avatar
      frail -
      Howard told me he is looking into the issue.
    1. oboy5353's Avatar
      oboy5353 -
      I cannot get to my Howard Forums settings.I changed my "skin" in HF settings to I think is mobile from the default skin. I see no settings on top of the forum like in the full view. I go to full site, click settings, and get this message "We are sorry, this content is not supported via the mobile style. Click Here to go to the Forum Homepage." What have I missed?