• Five Android Phones To Avoid

    Appolicious (associated with Yahoo! News) has provided some recommendations on Android phones to avoid. The devices are:

    1. Huawei m835 Ideos
    2. Garminfone
    3. Dell Streak
    4. Motorola Citrus
    5. HTC Thunderbolt

    Do you agree with this list? Would you add or remove anything?

    See their reasons here.
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    1. xs11e's Avatar
      xs11e -
      I'd add the LG Revolution. It won't connect to my PC w/o continual USB errors (a common fault as per XDAdevelopers), it won't set up my email, apparently LG has decided my ISP can't be setup I called VZW and was told that, I called LG and was told, "That's the way LG did it, if you don't like it tell someone who gives a rats rear end" or words to that effect. That was my first LG phone and last LG anything!I exchanged it for T'bolt which works perfectly and has none of the faults noted.
    1. RedHeadTwink's Avatar
      RedHeadTwink -
      I have a T-Bolt. Since modding my phone I have better battery life. Stock sucked though!
    1. Drillbit's Avatar
      Drillbit -
      Not sure I would agree with the list. The Ideos is quite popular with emergent countries. I used to live with smartphones with only a 2.8" touchscreen. The Streak is fine once you get Android 2.2 on it. I'm not sure I would recommend any of Verizon's LTE phones due to the battery situation. That includes the Droid Charge and LG Revolution. If forced between the three, I would still pick the Thunderbolt. If you have to use Verizon and Android, go pick the Droid 3, Droid Incredible 2 or the X2 instead.
    1. Extraordinary's Avatar
      Extraordinary -
      I like my T-Bolt. For the most part. Would have rather had the Bionic. SVDO is nice.
    1. NHCharmedOne's Avatar
      NHCharmedOne -
      HTC inspire cuz the signal strength sucks!
    1. ChristopherMcG's Avatar
      ChristopherMcG -
      There are other phones that belong on the list, ones that have been released this year and are still being sold.
    1. Chesterbeag's Avatar
      Chesterbeag -
      Actually all the issues with the Thunderbolt was fixed with the latest software update in early July. It seems no better or worse than any other HTC phone. The voice and data at the same time is nice and battery life is OK. I am not currently in a LTE area so I turn that feature off.
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