• Opinion: Google's purchase of Motorola gives webOS a great opportunity

    Editor's note: This is a forum member's opinion on the future of webOS that we thought would make for interesting discussion, especially now that HP is getting out of the webOS hardware business. What do you think? Discuss at the forum link below.

    Android's got a lot of things wrong with it, there are IP concerns, privacy concerns, security and malware concerns, and it looks like the manufacturers were starting to feed on each other. I'm pretty sure the main motivation of buying Motorola was to prevent an Android manufacturer from collecting royalties from other Android manufacturers. That would have just killed Android and nobody would have had any confidence in Google protecting them. That also shows what precarious ground Android is in.

    webOS for end users offers a lot that Android does - it's not Apple and it's not Microsoft, and it is Linux based, so more open than those two. It has a much better interface than Android as well, without any of the IP or privacy concerns either. It's also a good option for manufacturers if HP were to license it. Android is now questionable, as Motorola undoubtedly will get preferential treatment. Windows Phone isn't quite so certain either as there's less differentiation available, and everyone wonders about Nokia getting special deals. Obviously HP has the edge with webOS, but it makes more sense to diversify the portfolio to include Android, webOS and Windows Phone, so if any of them lose viability there's always something else to fall back on.

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    1. codekill's Avatar
      codekill -
      To die away. rip

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    1. gun26's Avatar
      gun26 -
      This article is a good example of fanboi-ism carried to a ridiculous extreme. Clearly, the writer is heavily invested (emotionally, for sure, and perhaps financially too) in WebOS and his post reflects his loyalties. Google buys a company with thousands of patents and he spins it into good news for WebOS? I mean, Come ON! Wake up and smell the coffee already. I hope today's news from HP served as a wakeup call to him and anyone else harbouring any lingering hopes for WebOS. RIP, indeed.
    1. migo's Avatar
      migo -
      Anyone who thinks webOS doesn't have viability just isn't paying attention to why the devices aren't selling - it's not the lack of dev support or apps. It's the hardware, and it has always been the hardware. Palm didn't make good hardware - the Pre had the oreo problem and was so sharp people were concerned they'd cut their fingers, and HP didn't make good hardware, in fact it seems that the Palm team was still building it. Despite that, everyone who has used it likes the OS, and despite the lack of userbase it has surprising developer support. Put webOS on some actually good hardware, and people would buy it.
    1. gun26's Avatar
      gun26 -
      I'm old enough to have lived through IBM's OS/2 debacle in the early 90s. OS/2 had more than its fair share of fanboi's too - they loved its technical merits (and it did have those - lots of them) but they were wilfully blind to the obvious fact that OS/2 didn't stand a chance in the marketplace. And neither does WebOS, despite whatever technical advantages are touted for it. Eventually there comes a time to grow up and stop being a fanboi. I've seen it before, and I'll probably see it again, unfortunately.
    1. Fortissimo's Avatar
      Fortissimo -
      I think it is entirely humourous that in business speak, "opportunity" reads "challenges" or even "problems".(and "diversify the portfolio" in finance speak, reads "you are no smart investor, so let's just play it my way".)But this opportunity leads to what? Let's revisit this a year later to see what this opportunity leads to. If you were a development house (software), will you still put together a team to do development for WebOS apps planning for the next 2 years? If you truly believe this opportunity, then put the money where your mouth is. would you bet your livelihood on it? If not, then please do not sugar coat the sad circumstance, and possibly lead others into a sinking boat.
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