• FCC Asks AT&T To Clarify How The T-Mobile Merger Will Add Jobs

    They ain't goin' for it!

    Rick Kaplan, chief of the Federal Communication Commission’s Wireless Telecommunications Bureau, sent a letter to AT&T on Thursday asking the carrier to clarify just how the proposed merger with T-Mobile USA will add jobs in the United States. “Our review of the information currently in our record suggests that AT&T’s responses on this issue remain incomplete,” Kaplan said. The FCC is giving AT&T until October 31st to address fully “all plans, analyses and reports discussing the creation or loss of jobs” if the merger is approved. AT&T must also disclose how many T-Mobile USA jobs will be eliminated and show how the merger will affect employment inside and outside of the United States during the next five years. AT&T CEO Randall L. Stephenson argued earlier this year that the proposed merger would be a “net job grower” in the United States. On August 31st, AT&T promised to bring 5,000 jobs back to the United States if the merger is approved, which was the same day the U.S. government filed a lawsuit in opposition of the deal. Read [PDF]
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    1. grendal's Avatar
      grendal -
      Nor should they. I'm not a T-Mobile customer, but I still hope this is not approved. Competition is GOOD.
    1. Accordman's Avatar
      Accordman -
      Sprint and verizon are competition tmobile id say is pretty far behind

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    1. Extraordinary's Avatar
      Extraordinary -
      T-Mobile is competition too. Verizon is useless. They follow AT&T's moves... like 2GB data plans. Well, T-Mobile did too!Sprint cant do it on their own.