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    Thanks to all who entered. If you didn't win, don't worry, I'm giving away something else next week.

    Were giving away the unlocked 16GB iPhone 4s in white that I lined up for along with a bunch of HowardForums t-shirts in our I want an iPhone 5 contest!

    To enter the contest just reply to this post with what features youd like to see in the next version of Apples iPhone. Maybe youd like the back to be covered with a 50 megapixel full frame imaging sensor. Perhaps 5TB of built-in storage is more your thing or maybe a 5 4K screen with a 5Ghz 32 core processor with 5 days of continuous web browsing.

    Then again maybe youre more conservative and just want Adobe Flash support, a pink model or perhaps youd like the next iPhone to run Windows Phone 7, Android and Blackberry OS - all simultaneously.

    The contest will run until Oct 28th at noon EST. I will pick ten finalists. One of the ten will be randomly chosen to win the iPhone 4S while the rest will all get HowardForums t-shirts.

    Contest is open to all North American users who are not in Quebec. Limit one entry per user. Remember, each person is only allowed one user name so dont go crazy registering a bunch of new accounts (I'll know). If a Canadian wins they must answer a skill testing question (what phone came before the iPhone 4S?). If an American wins they will be responsible for taxes and customs when the iPhone 4S crosses the border. Odds of winning depend on number of entries received. Unlocked iPhone 4S might not work on Verizon, Sprint and C Spire. Contest not open to HowardForums staff.
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    1. Alphasite's Avatar
      Alphasite -
      I really only want two things in the iPhone 5 that aren't in the iPhone 4S, LTE and a microSD slot.
    1. buster's Avatar
      buster -
      4" screen, 12mp camera, Flash support, and the ability to choose your own gestures to access different apps, or settings.
    1. pchyen's Avatar
      pchyen -
      I still want "quiet time" settings to mute sounds/etc for incoming calls/text!
    1. myrelle's Avatar
      myrelle -
      For the next iphone i would like to see the following: Flash support stronger built quality i.e. screen will not break so easy buy dropping it expandable memory unlocked - carriers not allowed to lock the phone comes with an upgraded earphone i.e. like in-ear earphones
    1. cbqfly's Avatar
      cbqfly -
      i want flash support, widget capabilities, bigger screen i.e. 4.3" is perfect for me and thinner design!
    1. aps024's Avatar
      aps024 -
      LTE, 4" screen, Flash, removable battery, Micro usb jack for charging
    1. bluff's Avatar
      bluff -
      I want LTE and a bigger screen.
    1. markmp3z's Avatar
      markmp3z -
      I want the next iphone to have LTE,5 Inch Screen Adobe FlashRemovable Battery And a Micro SD card slot!
    1. pitflyer's Avatar
      pitflyer -
      Removable battery and microsd slot. The premium Apple charges for more space is just ridiculous given how cheap good microsds card.
    1. Cleariecc's Avatar
      Cleariecc -
      I would like LTE and a bigger screen (4.3 ") I like taking pictures so I'd also want a higher megapixel camera with more functions available on high end digital cameras. More customizability would also be nice, ex. to be able to change the theme.
    1. scottae316's Avatar
      scottae316 -
      I would like LTE, 3.7" (but no larger than 4") screen, SD slot, ability to customizemore without having to jailbreak, and better earbuds and yes I'd be willing to pay a little more.
    1. J09GTSGraphite's Avatar
      J09GTSGraphite -
      The next iPhone: Should definitely be available in more than just black and white, even tho it looks good in it....Give it a silver or chrome finish look!.....It also really needs to be faster, I mean the current A5 dual core is speedy, but c'mon it's gotta be cutting edge, quad core!.....Make it so Siri works (properly) for Canadian users......Make this new iPhone more functional for "new" users to Apple - not just the Apple plug, but make it feel like a different device so new users can easily integrate to it!...Apple is know for its iOS, why change it. But always upgrade the graphics in it........Make the next iPhone compatible for ALL network carriers - LTE and 4G is the newest things...give it the GSM and CDMA functionality as well, make it a true winner for ALL carriers....Apple give it all you can! - The screen is a decent size, bump it atleast another full inch to 4.5 or 4.7, widescreen of course.....Autofocus camera is good, 10mp or higher camera is what would put this camera ahead of others! This would make people want to buy it, and why would they need another camera for anything else! Apple, camera + music + video + phone...equals why buy any other equipment......The glass display is wicked, but what can be used that doesn't smash so easily!There's just my two cents...
    1. AgentIsara's Avatar
      AgentIsara -
      HMM, a 4.1 flexible AMOLED with gorilla glass lol, quad core cpu at 1.6 Ghz, with 14mp camera lens with holographic display imaging and built in robotic arms for the times i want it to give me a back massage and sandwich making.
    1. Shannon Black's Avatar
      Shannon Black -
      I would like to see flash support, and a bigger screen
    1. qballxx's Avatar
      qballxx -
      I would like see a larger screen, flash support and rhe ability to change Ui details with out having to jailbreak the phone to make a 5 icon dock or change icons..
    1. Nucleartx's Avatar
      Nucleartx -
      Lte, 4 inch screen (perfect size imho), more customization through out the OS (such as themes), better camera lens, sd card slot to be able to carry files around like a thumb drive, no glass backing.

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    1. DLSchau's Avatar
      DLSchau -
      MicroUSB for charging, microSD slot, removable battery, kevlar shell, gorilla glass, and a flux capacitor.
    1. mrweirdo's Avatar
      mrweirdo -
      well now that I've come to love it after getting an HP TouchPad actual multitasking with a cardlike interface. Also a larger screen size.
    1. henryt's Avatar
      henryt -
      LTE definitely!
    1. xs11e's Avatar
      xs11e -
      I'm a fan of large screens, fast processors and lots of memory. I also appreciate a decent camera since my phone is always with me and my camera usually isn't! It should have an easily replaceable battery, micro SD slot and a a great browser. I'd also like to see it no longer tied to iTunes or any other Apple stuff and flashable to other ROMS like an Android phone but that's never going to happen.....