• Facebook for Android updated

    Facebook for Android has been updated
    What's new? According to the app's splash page:
    *Navigate anywhere, fast: Get your groups, apps, pages and settings with a single press
    *Search and you will discover: Look through friends, subscribers, apps, and pages
    *See your friends tags on pictures and zoom: New photo Viewing experience

    I don't really remember if those features are actually new, to be quite honest.

    Happy updating!

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    1. SDKLFJdo3wwd's Avatar
      SDKLFJdo3wwd -
      Does it ever work? It never worked on my Triumph... force close/ network connection issue/ stuck...
    1. Steve Punter's Avatar
      Steve Punter -
      I don't have any problem with the current version of Facebook. I don't get force closes and everything works as it is supposed to. I wish they still went directly to the YouTube app when I click on YouTube videos, but otherwise it's been great.

      I wish they'd ACTUALLY put what was new in the "What's New" section. Those points noted above have been around for the last umpteen updates and they've not said anything "new" there in ages. Most likely the updates over the last month or two have been minor bug fixes.
    1. tokyo_dom's Avatar
      tokyo_dom -
      I hear it from virtually everyone i speak to - the Android FB app is terrible. No pop-up notifications like on iPhone, slow interface that regularly 'reloads' the wall a split second after it first appears. Its bloated and offers no extra functionality to the mobile website version (which is quite good)

      I uninstalled and instead i use a shortcut to the m.facebook.com site from my launcher; twice as fast and no constant memory hogging. I recommend this to everyone who complains about it to me too

      I dont see anything in the current update to convince me to go back
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