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    by Published on 02-08-2013 07:02 PM
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    Starting Feb 10, Bell will be aligning with Quebec and Manitoba (and the other carriers) with their launch of the Subsidy based cancellation fee model.

    This will affect clients entering into an agreement on or after February 10, 2013.
    This will affect Consumer - Personal and Corporate - EPP accounts only.
    All other accounts (Corporate, Corporate-INDV (which many of you have), and Small Business) remain on the current model.

    Take your total subsidy, divide it by the total of months in your term, and multiply it by the months remaining to calculate your cancellation fee.

    E.G. Client receives a $500 subsidy when activating on a 36 month term. Client wants to cancel 20 months into their contract.
    $500 / 36 = $13.89. $13.89 x 16 months remaining = $222.24 cancellation fee.

    If a client does not receive a subsidy when activating, but still took a term, their cancellation fee is 10% of their monthly recurring charges, multiplied by the # of months remaining, to a maximum of $50.

    Clients wishing to perform an early upgrade (not eligible for an upgrade) will pay their remaining subsidy and then be eligible for an upgrade. Clients that upgraded or activated before February 10 will be based on the old (current) early upgrade fee model. ...