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    by Published on 10-18-2011 10:20 AM
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    Forum user fruvous posted a nice breakdown of what the apps RIM is giving away because of the outage would cost if you ran out and purchased them yourself:

    Quote Originally Posted by fruvous View Post
    Total is $157 although I don't know what is different between Drive Safe.ly Pro and Enterprise.

    • SIMS 3 - Electronic Arts - $3 (2.5 *)
    • Bejeweled - Electronic Arts - $3 (3.5 *)
    • N.O.V.A. - Gameloft - $5 (4 *)
    • Texas Hold’em Poker 2 - Gameloft - $3 (4 *)
    • Bubble Bash 2 - Gameloft - $5 (2.5 *)
    • Photo Editor Ultimate - Ice Cold Apps - $2 (4.5 *)
    • DriveSafe.ly Pro - iSpeech.org - $20 (4.5 *)
    • iSpeech Translator Pro - iSpeech.org - ?
    • Drive Safe.ly Enterprise - iSpeech.org - $80 (unrated)
    • Nobex Radio™ Premium - Nobex - $10 (3 *)
    • Shazam Encore - Shazam - $6 (4.5 *)
    • Vlingo Plus: Virtual Assistant - Vlingo - $20 (4*)

    What do you think? Do you understand that outages happen every now and then and have forgiven BlackBerry or have you already ditched yours and got an iPhone?

    Comment here.
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