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  • Hey, CC - You probably know more about cell sites than anyone else on this forum.
    Do you know when a site appears on the INDUSTRY CANADA ALLOCATED FREQUENCY SEARCH (TAFL)?
    1. when the license is first applied for?
    2. When a license is granted?
    3. When a site is physically built?
    4. When a site is first powered up (for testing)?
    5. When a site is officially in service?
    6. Some other time I haven't thought of?

    For example: Some people have reported a WIND signal in St. Catharines, but TAFL has no listing there.
    The furthest East site (in the Niagara Peninsula) I have seen is the one at 1 Slessor Blvd in Grimsby (I used to live just around the corner).
    However, I think I have seen a WIND Home signal east of RR 24 (Vineland).

    As you probably know, Kitchener is my main area of interest.

    Thanks, CC!

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