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  • Cool, good to know it's on it's way. Now I'm just waiting on a LTE phone that has a physical keyboard :rolleyes:
    At 1:08 am on 7/7/11 I was sitting on my son's front porch on Davenport St. in Iowa City when the Thunderbolt 4G icon flashed on for about 10 or 15 seconds.
    Sorry, I missed your message I guess, I kept seeing I had a "notification" but couldn't find it. Anyway, yeah, I had EVDO slowdowns a few weeks ago (probably from sites being shut down to be worked on) and now speeds are somewhat higher than before (suggesting increased backhaul). But, they just generally say "by the end of the year" as far as I know.
    I'm up in Waterloo. Any signs you'll be getting your LTE turned on soon? I'll make the trip to Iowa City more often once it lights up.
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