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  • Hi Brooke! I am so sorry in being this late in responding, old age or something like that lol Thanks for the kind words, I try to post as much as I can as there is a definite lack of information on here about us on the North Coast. HSPA+ with AT&T currently ends in Windsor, about 60 miles south of me, and currently AT&T has two phones with HSPA+, the Inspire 4G and Atrix 4G, plus the sticks of course.
    For Sonoma County, from Healdsburg south will probably see LTE and more HSPA+ over the next several month, for Cloverdale north into our area we most likely won't see LTE until sometime next year at the soonest, I hope AT&T gets HSPA+ up here soon though, it is an easier upgrade than going to LTE. You will see things a lot sooner than I will for sure. If you need any more info or help, let me know!

    I've followed your posts over the years. Very informative, all the more so since I live in Santa Rosa.

    Re: hspa+ in Sonoma County -- what device do I need? Is this accessible only via USB stick?

    I have an iPhone 4, but like Android. Going to see the lay of the land in late summer, then either upgrade to iPhone 5, a Droid, or jump to VZW. What do you see in the near term (6-18 months) for my area?

    Hi ilvla2--so what happened to 1? Hope you didn't knock 'em off, lol. So anyone who has a railroad avatar has gotta be ok; then i see ole Fred smilin' at me.

    I just started using my Droid X and can't get outgoing Roadrunner email to work. RR requires authentication on outgoing email through other ISP's. My question is "does Froyo allow you to set up authentication for outgoing email accounts?".

    Also, do you think the software upgrade to Froyo is worthwhile?


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