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  • Can you please help me? I just bought the ZTE N762 from Public Mobile yesterday but theres nothing in the manual that shows me how to transfer my music from my laptop to the phone, also it doesn't say how to put pictures on there either from my laptop. Did I make a mistake buying this phone? I sure hope you can explain things to me. Thank you.
    Hiii Kocman, Do you have the QCAT software? because I did'nt find to download... Can you help me?
    That sucks.. I think all Canadian CDMA carriers are the same as far as the EVDO password goes..
    I was hoping I could figure this out. Pretty much stuck with the Droid since there is no way to change its ESN either... so Voice/Text is all I am gonna get.. guess I will wait for UTMS to makes it way here.

    Were you able to figure anything out for Bell??

    Thanks for the help.

    Hey I know you don't accept private messages so I am hoping you get this and could maybe help a guy out.
    I am on the Sasktel CDMA network. I have a Motorola Droid from Verizon that I have had the ESN registered.
    So I have text and voice... what I am trying to figure out is the password. I know it is some sort of Hex Hash but have had no luck.. I read your post saying you might have an idea of how this work. If you could help me out at all it would be greatly appreciated.
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