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  • Hi , I would like to setup an account with bell on the $130 small bus. Plan. I currently have one line with Rogers that I'll be porting. The other line would be new. Is it possible to get the $10 discount on the new line as well ? If not do you think I can get this plan to use on a single line ?
    Thanks again for that rush supply of a Wilson repeater. It's working very well and reducing stress over important calls at the cottage.
    hi.. can you pls help me? I recently master reset my behold. now, I cant access the web.. :( what should i do? thanks
    I'm a tech support agent for Verizon. My information states that VZW stores have a loaner phone program, but when I called on behalf of a cust. to ask about it, all the stores say they have no idea. Are you aware of such a program?
    how are you question for you please let me know if we can check account detail on ...likes rogers its shows your discount when they are going to exp.on fido web site i can only see my bill that's it...i always use rogers old link this show full account detail ...please tell if this possible with fido thanks
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